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  • May 31, 2011

CVStash.comCVStash is a service that updates the concept of having your own resume hosted online for prospective employers to see. In general, what CVStash enables you to do is to create a single page highlighting your most salient qualifications and previous work experiences. The moment it is created, this page will become hosted on a URL of its very own, and you (as the one who created it) will be able to share that URL with just any person you want to become connected with. And these unique resume pages are also printer-friendly, so that if you cross paths with a potentially-good employer you can always have your very own printed and handed over with a minimum of fuss. Besides, resume pages can be turned into PDFs, and transmitted digitally. So, that is every context where you could give prospective bosses access to your professional identity covered.

As a service, CVStash is free from start to finish. All the operations that were mentioned above can be carried out at no cost. Creating a resume costs nothing, and updating it once it has gone live costs nothing either. Besides, you do not have to create an account of you very own – you can log in via Facebook, Google, AOL, Yahoo… all these services (and plenty more) are supported.

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More – Host Your Resume Online

  • May 10, 2011

CVStash.comCVStash is one of these sites that turn looking for a job online into a much more versatile task. In essence, users of CVStash are enabled to have a single page listing all their professional qualifications and previous work experience, and such a page can be easily printed from the browser or downloaded as a PDF. Moreover, CVStash pages have a permalink associated to them, and sharing them with prospective employers is as easy as putting that permalink around.

What is every bit as important, CVStash pages come with no ads. And they can be updated in two or three clicks once they have been created, too.

When all is said and done, this is a true ad hoc solution for conveying your professional identity to all the people who could be interested in hiring you. Using CVStash costs nothing, and I think it is clear from the description provided above that the site is mostly an upside one. But there is no need for you to take my word – simply give the site a try and see how creating a resume is simplified to no end through it.

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