More – Personalize Your Homepage

  • August 11, 2008

Qrowd.comIs having to check all your different profiles, accounts, and favorite websites taking up too much of your time? If it is, then you might consider seeing what you can do over at

You can customize your own start page, putting all of your favorite sites and feeds onto it. This’ll allow you to just sing in to the site, and see what’s new, without having to jump around from page to page to get the latest news. The interface is highly interactive, which makes the site take some time to load. While this is a downside, the end product is worth it. You can move the boxes around and change their size, making it possible for you to constantly shift your content around. The site’s great interface and customizable features are sure to keep everyone coming back for more, and since all the content is picked by you, everything on there is interesting.

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More – A French Search Engine

  • April 24, 2008

MozBot.comYes, even the French are start-up savvy. One of the latest and more promising French offerings is called Mozbot.

Mozbot is a search engine that was a product of three friends and three companies: Abondance, Brioude Internet, and Raynette. Their combined background in search led to the creation of what was first known as and then later Mozbot. Mozbot joined with Google and actually uses the same search results as Google but with several key differences. For example, Mozbot displays results from the default English web whereas Google searches the worldwide web by default. Mozbot also displays page thumbnails, definitions of terms, related words, statistics, , similar pages and history among other features. You can personalize the interface colors. It’s Google, but enhanced.

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  • January 25, 2008

getFROG.comFROG is a free, customizable homepage for your Internet enabled mobile phone. It will give you easy access to mobile websites that have been created specifically for mobile devices and have proven to be reliable.

FROG can be set up and customized directly from your PC or phone.

It’s FREE, there is nothing to download, and it has customizable Links and Styles. FROG currently works with over 200 different devices. A truly mobile and customizable Internet experience is now on your phone. From sports scores and fine dining to mobile magazines and radio, FROG puts the power of the Internet in your hands. Please visit for complete details.

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More – Customizable Operating System

  • July 29, 2007

Gentoo.orgTired of your custom operating system? Want to fully personalize the way you use your computer? Then enter Gentoo and start personalizing every aspect of your computer operating system. Gentoo is a software that may be used with Linux or FreeBSD, and has two main objectives, to optimize and personalize how you use your computer.

The software may be used to enhance any aspect that you choose, whether it is your workstation, desktop, gaming system, or whatever you may think of. If you are not totally convinced whether Gentoo is the tool you are looking for, and want to know more about it, just enter their site and start browsing through their features, and explanations, such as projects, documents, forums, support, or any of their resources. The software is completely free to download, and the deep instructions and explanations provided by the site assure the user that he will have a profound knowledge of what it is and how to use it even before the download takes place.

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More – Feed, Read, Customize, Synchronize

  • May 30, 2007

FeedGhost.comFeedGhost is the new feed reader for Windows. It has got a modern look and feel, plus lots of customization options to boot.

If you have Windows Vista, you can select glass effects for your feed reader, if you have older OS you can also add customization options such as selectable color themes. Synchronization Subscriptions allow you to be kept up to date, all articles states are kept in sync across all machines and products. You can also tag articles or web pages for later reading as a reminder. Share articles with friends, family, and coworkers with link-blogs and embeddable widgets. You have unlimited access to these features with a $20 dollar subscription payment, and as this service is still in beta, you will also have access to new features as they become available.

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