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High Margins Create Loyal Startup Customers

  • April 23, 2013

New companies often don’t know their own worth. They don’t have a real idea of how much money it takes to run a business, and they’re afraid of overpricing and scaring away potential customers. So, instead, they set prices too low. Any company can price low, but a low-price product does not build a loyal…


11 Tips For Cultivating Customer Loyalty

  • April 10, 2013

First and foremost, meet the needs of the customer, then take it up a notch and over deliver. Whether you provide deliverables ahead of schedule, throw in bonuses or surprise and delight with cool new features, continue to give more. To quote a recent customer email, “I really appreciate your thoughtful…


Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing

  • June 21, 2012

Getting ahead in the constantly evolving world of online retail is no small feat. Beyond a great foundation and an attractive site design, you’ve got to find ways of getting customers to your site in the first place. Whether you’re running lean and generating interest yourself or you already have a marketing team, deploying affiliate marketing efforts can offer a measurable boost in your sales and customer base.

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More – Customer Engagement and Loyalty

  • November 9, 2011

AffinionGroup.comAffinionGroup design, market, and service customer engagement and loyalty solutions for many of the largest companies in the world, both through their offices and their website. Affinion Group features over 30 products with custom flexibility for more than 100,000 marketing campaigns. AffinionGroup has 180 million members worldwide with more than 1 million new online members added every year. offers solutions for companies in a variety of industries, including retail, entertainment, finance, travel, direct response television, and e-commerce and they represent hundreds of millions of pieces of direct marketing pieces each year.

AffinionGroup’s products and services include insurance, membership programs, loyalty programs, value added checking programs, customer acquisition solutions, data breach services, marketing services, and Affinion Security solutions from Affinion Security Center (ASC).

When it comes to loyalty programs, offers debit card loyalty programs, nationwide retail dealer loyalty programs, and airline reward programs. Research shows that loyalty programs such as those offered by AffinionGroup help retain customers, differentiate a company (giving them a competitive advantage), and improve profitability while offering savings on commodity products. The Affinion Loyalty Group (ALG) offers solutions to help enhance a company’s relationship with their customers while offering a positive return on investment (ROI).

Marketing services from AffinionGroup include in-house full-service direct marketing, marketing strategies, creative development, database modeling & analysis, telemedia advancements, direct mail strategy as well as direct mail print production. Marketing solutions from aim to help maximize revenue while strengthening customer relationships and brand recognition.

AffinionGroup additionally offers memberships programs such as discounts (for business, home, entertainment, dining, travel, and shopping), healthcare (for self improvement, beauty, wellness, and healthcare products and services), security (for theft and identity protection, privacy, and insurance), and personal property (for warranties, auto, and home programs).

The folks from may be contacted via a short online contact form, or by telephone or email.

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More – Let Customers Call You For Free

  • May 24, 2011

Arcaris.comA click-to-call solution, Arcaris lets any company offer free calls to those who visit its website. This is a hosted solution from start to finish, and the one and only thing the webmaster has to do is to add a link to his website, and authorize a phone number to be used as the default contact line. The idea is to give visitors a chance to talk with some qualified support personnel or salesperson the minute they land on the site. This will let the webmaster increase his conversion rate, as would anything that makes for having people stay on a site for longer.

Arcaris is entirely configurable, and you will be able to customize your click-to-call form – you will be able to upload a logo, add images, change the colors that are used… in short: all that is needed to make your click-to-call form match your corporate image.

Four plans are provided, for organizations of every shape and nature – from bootstrapped startups to companies which already have multiple branch offices, Arcaris is bound to let everybody engage his customers much better.

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More – Give a Little. Help a Lot.

  • August 11, 2008

ChangeRoundUp.comChange Round-Up offers a free service to merchants that creates a virtual “spare change donation jar” at the point of checkout. Shoppers are asked if they would like to round-up their purchase price to the nearest dollar and donate the electronic “spare change” to a charity.

The service creates a free, innovative and visible way for merchants to support charities. Change Round-Up offers the ultimate win-win-win scenario. Charities receive much needed funding and exposure. Merchants get a free cause marketing tool that lets them generate great PR and build relationships with their customers. Donors can easily and quickly donate a painless amount of spare change to a good cause. Change Round-Up will generate hundreds of millions of dollars for charities. It’s important for more businesses to get involved in social change and promote charitable giving amongst their customer base. By allowing businesses to put their best foot forward, customers can do the same and everyone wins. The company’s goal is to make the world a better place while building a great business.

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More – Create Loyal Customers

  • November 24, 2007

Ccsurvey.comNeed to improve customer loyalty? Want to increase revenue and growth through loyal customers? Then, this is the place you are looking for. Ccsurvey.

com is the official site of Satmetrix Systems. It offers a rich suite of technology, methodology, services, and thought leadership to help companies understand what matters to their customers and how to focus on ensuring positive customer experience across all levels of their organization. It is the next generation customer experience solution company. They enable leading companies to drive profitable growth from their customers’ experience with a market-proven combination of software, service, and consulting. They will help you measurably improve customer loyalty and link these results to financial outcomes. They partner with their clients to collect, distribute, and take action on customer feedback at every touch point. With their technology and expertise they will help you get the right feedback from the right people at the right time, distribute the actionable insights to employees so they can take action and change the results, build an enterprise view of relationships and interactions that impact overall customer loyalty, and also link loyalty data to financial and operational metrics to evaluate its impact on the business. The site is well organized and trustful, as they have more than 10 years of experience in this domain.

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