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More – A Single Button Merchandise Solution

  • February 2, 2009

AddMerch.comAddMerch is a new solution that enables anybody to create merchandise from his images by simply clicking on a button. This service turns any website into a merchandise store whereby user generated content can be easily transformed by the visitor in the product he desires.

Such a process is carried out quite simply, too. All the visitor has to do is provide AddMerch with the URL of the image that he wants to employ. AddMerch takes care of the rest. Customers can then have their choice from over 30 different color combinations, and pick the customized merchandise that suits their tastes best.

The main selling point of this service is that it enables people to add another revenue stream to their sites, without having to setup an external storefront, upload images and mess around with learning how to manage someone else’s site – AddMerch keeps it all contained in a customizable widget, right up until the visitor makes his purchase. The company then does the rest – it handles the transaction, prints the item, and delivers the product. The website just has to pay a commission to AddMerch every month for the service that is rendered.

All in all, a very practical way to engage site visitors and generate an income at the same time. Check the site out at and draw your own conclusions.

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