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More – Letting You Post More Vivid Job Openings

  • July 3, 2010

DullWork.comThere are certainly lots of sites that companies can resort to in order to post job openings and try to draw fresh talent in. These are invariably generic, and don’t give candidates an accurate sense of what the companies are all about.

In order to learn that, candidates should head straight to the company’s own site and see in which way does it define itself. Nobody would blame you if you thought that there should be a better way to do that, or a way that is more direct at the very least. Well, it transpires that there is such a way, and it is found at

In principle, Dullwork is a job posting site that lets employers create customizable pages for listing job openings. This means that each company that signs up (for free during the current beta run) can display all available jobs listings using custom branding, an that all the listings will become displayed in a centralized location.

This makes things easier for everybody – companies can have full control over what they are posting, and job seekers have the chance to learn more about these companies they are submitting their resumes to without even have to open a new window. So everybody saves time and effort in the end.

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