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  • June 23, 2008 is a site devoted to the Cushman Motor Scooter.

It contains information pertaining to restoration and preservation of Cushman Scooters, including historical and technical articles, show pictures, national and regional club information, original Cushman technical bulletins, and links to other Cushman related sites. Cushman Motor Scooters were built in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1936 until 1965 by the Cushman Motor Works. Cushman had been in the engine business since 1901 and began manufacturing scooters as a way to sell more engines. At the homepage you will find the links that will lead you to the specific sections, featuring Hints and Tips, Vanguard Center, Cushman Time Line, and more. There is also a photo gallery that has plenty of related pictures available. If you are a Cushman Engines enthusiast, you should sign up the page to have access to the Cushman Engine Manual, which is free for new members. If you are new to the site, the main text at the homepage will tell you all the site’s resources and how to access them.

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