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Make Sure Your Résumé Does Its Job And Gets You Hired

Make Sure Your Résumé Does Its Job And Gets You Hired

Stop paying ridiculous amounts of money (or bothering all of your friends) for someone to review your resume. Do it the startup way – crowdsource that bad boy!

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Paper resumes are out. Online resumes are in. It’s been like that for some time already, and now the gap is getting wider. Spark Hire is a site that lets you not only list all of your qualifications online, but also tell the world about them by uploading your own videos. This can be done for free, and once your profile has been created then you just have to share the link with these employers you’re trying to get to hire...

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Writing one’s résumé is always a complicated affair, especially for those people who are not very used to writing, so in their aid comes this site, which is a very thorough database of advice on the information and style in which you portray your work history and abilities in writing. The site’s overall design is a bit plain and the abundance of sponsored links around the content can at times overshadow the knowledgeable advice and...

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