More – Distribute Your Curriculum

  • March 5, 2011

CommonCurriculum.comCommon Curriculum is a platform for K 12 educators. Essentially, through this site they will be able to create and sell their curricula.

Educators that go for this service are empowered to create a curriculum and have it hosted on the cloud. From there, it can be distributed and sold to those who are interested in buying it.

A platform like this one eliminates the costs that are associated with creating print curricula – something that only the big players in the market can handle comfortably. Up until now, small organizations had a difficult time trying to keep up with the standards set by those who had the resources to do things on a grand scale.

Common Curriculum offers a truly alternative sales channel. The publisher is enabled to create his curriculum on the spot – he just creates the lesson plan, uploads the videos and worksheets to go with it, and then it will go on sale for a price he is also determining himself. And curricula can be listed for free, too.

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More – Trying To Standardize Online Education

  • February 11, 2010

2tor.comEducation startups are easily among my favorite ones if only because they can nurture the minds of tomorrow and equip them with the necessary knowledge for keep going until the path is gone, and then create a new path for those who will come behind to follow. 2tor is quite a comprehensive tool that provides universities with a technology platform that makes for better instruction and the development of offline curricula, supporting students all through the course of their learning until the graduation itself.

Using 2tor schools can create online degrees, and people from all over the country will have ready access to these. Students can take classes online and communicate with each other via chat functionalities, as well as signing up for online office hours. The basis of the whole platform is clearly letting those who use it communicate comprehensively. In more senses than one, this platform resembles a social network like Facebook more than anything else.

By way of conclusion, this is a platform that has the potential to tear down the physical barriers that constrict education and that still stand strong today, such a long time ever since the Internet first surfaced. If it is successful, it can start a true revolution in the way people learn and process knowledge.

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More – A Resource For Educators

  • December 3, 2009

BetterLesson.orgA site that will highly appeal to educators, Better Lesson stands as a resource where they can organize their curricula and present it to the world in a better light. That is, through the site they will be able to plan lessons in a more comprehensive way – the fact that they can share what they intend to do with colleagues will let them come up with more innovative content for their classes, as well as how to grade homework and related issues that are a daily concern for them.

The site gives users the chance to tag and search lessons for sharing them more efficiently, and that makes it possible for educators who excel at what they do to gain recognition for noteworthy lessons.

The most salient feature of such a system is obviously the ready chance it gives educators to innovate in their respective fields by connecting and discussing how what they teach within the classroom will bear relevance with what is happening in the real world. If you are an educator or intend to become one in the near future, such a resource might turn out to be one you come to time and again.

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More – Cincinnati Public Schools

  • May 22, 2008 is located in Hamilton, Ohio.

It is actually the largest public school in Hamilton’s county. It has been serving students since 1829. Their aim is to help children develop their knowledge through the pre-school period to 12th grade. They not only give curricular education courses but also provide other programs like student enterprise programs, for complementing their educational offer. Moreover, they give their students some meals, like breakfast, because they believe good nutrition comes together with knowledge development. At the web site you will see many links, such as: attendance, academic partners, graduation, college, employment, etc. Within college you can check out their programs, enrolment, college planning, foundation, and more. Some of the programs and services include, adult education, project connect, special education, summer school, arts and technology center, etc. Among their curriculum there are fine arts, foreign languages, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, etc. Check out their site to see their academic calendar.

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