More – Promoting Digital Art

  • June 8, 2011

Curioos.comCurioos aims to become the one-stop destination for digital creatives and art lovers the world over. On this site, such individuals will be able to connect and interact like never before, and both further develop their skills and build up meaningful professional bonds. This resource is all the more interesting for the simple reason that there are not that many websites playing out a comparable role. Even when digital art has become a truly recognized and valued form of expression, there are really no sites with the aim of letting people who are devoted to it become interconnected, and have an experience that is enriching and fulfilling for just everybody.

Digital illustrators, photo manipulators and graphic designers are all advised to join this site – they can do so at no cost, and the benefits they will get are innumerable – better exposure, better connections, and a much better chance to nurture their art are just the three that spring more readily to mind.

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