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  • June 11, 2008

AllAboutCults.orgPeople often times have a misconception as to what cults really are. Perhaps this misconception has been reinforced over the past few decades by television and movies which many times deal with the more occult religious beliefs.

Whatever the reason, we should take a closer look at what characteristics distinguish a group as a cult and learn about their religious motives and goals. On this site visitors will find a wealth of information on different religious entities, each unique and with varied belief systems. The website is not endorsed by or affiliated to any of the groups mentioned on but merely provides information. Visitors will find information on cults including Christadelphians, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, Remnant Fellowship, Edgar Cayce, Jehovah Witness, Unity School of Christianity, Church Universal and Triumphant, Meher Baba, Science of the Mind, Christian Scientist, Freemasonry, as well as an explanation of Mormon beliefs. Visitors will also find definitions of cults, viewed from the perspective of the general public, and that of Christians.

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More – Cults And Abuse

  • February 27, 2008

FACTNet.orgThis is the official site of Fight Against Coercive Tactics, so if you want to find information about cults, abuse by religions and abuse recovery resources then you’ve landed on the right place. You will find that the layout is quite simple yet effective, since it contributes with an intuitively comprehensible navigation.

There is a search box so you can find the articles and news that you are looking for in a more efficient way. There’s a Forum where you can register and talk about a wide variety of topics such as religions, sects, spiritual cults and motivational programs among other topics. The page also has a site map so you get what you are looking for without wasting any time. The design is both simple and attention grabbing adding to the site an image of professionalism.

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