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  • December 3, 2009

CulinaryCulture.comIf you love food, you can’t really go wrong with a site like this one. Named Culinary Culture, it is a spot where food is brought into the limelight – recipes are shared, culinary events are discussed, and top eateries are recommended.

That is, the site is your typical social resource in the sense that it bases its power on these members of the online community that are keen on a specific subject matter. I know from experience that the culinary world is one of the networking fields par excellence. Social sites that revolve around food in one sense or the other always manage to stick out a little from the pack, although there are so many of them on offer that making it to the big time is hard.

As far as Culinary Culture is concerned, the site has a catchy domain and enough options to get going although there are no features that could clearly set it apart from the rest. The layout and presentation are good, though, so it will be a matter of personal tastes to pick it up or not.

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