More – Turn Opinions & Emotions Into Slideshows

  • February 8, 2010

Cuesense.comCuesense is a service that will let anybody scour both Twitter and the Blogosphere in pursuit of opinions or testimonials that relate that the service he or she provides. These can then be turned into a slideshow, and embedded on the site or blog so as to show potential customers where it’s at.

Each presentation comes complete with photos and a soundtrack that the one assembling it (EG, you) deems as suitable. Something like “We Are The Champions” or “Standing On Top Of The World” should do the trick.

Although I mentioned Twitter and blogs in the first paragraph, the system actually imports opinions and feelings from other sources like Friendfeed and news feeds on the whole. And when it comes to Twitter, Cuesense also looks at the statuses of users in order to assess the sentiment on the web. In each and every case, 11 different emotional dimensions are recognized, and these cover the gamut of human emotions from top to bottom. It is fair to say, then, that the impact of each and every site or product will be transposed accurately enough by this system.

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