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  • May 12, 2009

CubeTree.comIn general terms, CubeTree is a network that is looking for a niche in the social enterprise area. Through it, entrepreneurs can connect and interact professionally, as well as collaborating together in different projects.

Groups can easily be created and joined, and you can clearly define your business identity and goals.

CubeTree comes complete with a blogging platform of its own, and wikis can be created effortlessly too. Furthermore, polls can be conducted anytime and you can learn how the different people that work for you feel on the spot, and change anything that should be changed.

In addition to that, a CubeTree bookmarklet is provided for extra convenience. It will let you share links and files with other members of the community, and that includes links found on Delicious and related services.

Best of all, CubeTree services are provided at no cost. You just create an account and are ready to start networking professionally. As they aptly put it, “with CubeTree enterprise-wide adoption is now a reality”.

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