Ctrlq.org – Search For RSS Feeds

  • May 2, 2011

Ctrlq.orgThere are search engines for just anything: images, videos, PDFs… why not one for RSS feeds? I mean, even when Twitter has wholly modified the way in which people look for information online, RSS feeds are bound to remain a commodity for quite some time yet. They are not going anywhere, and we are not letting them go ourselves. Hence, the existence of a site like the one I am reviewing right now is more than warranted.

Found at Ctrlq.com, this RSS search engine will let you find feeds simply by specifying the topic (or topics) that interest you. Politics, technology, marketing, ecommerce, social networking… whatever it is you are keen on, this search engine is going to put a good couple of suggestions your way.

And all the feeds found by this search engine can be visualized inline. That is a really killer feature, as you will be able to figure out if any feed is worth your time or not on the spot, without having to subscribe to it just to get a conclusive glimpse.

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