CSSbake.com – Learn How To Design A Great Site

  • September 14, 2010

CSSbake.comCSSbake is a site that turns the process of designing a website into something comparable to cooking a meal. Here, the many components that you can use to build up your site go into the category named “Ingredients”, whereas the ways that these could be combined are grouped under the “Cookbook” banner.

It is interesting to mention the many “ingredients” included on the site as that would give you a good idea of CSSbake’s actual depth. These include not only backgrounds, forms, footers and sidebars but also 404 pages, headers and navigation bars. Besides, comprehensive examples of good paginations are provided along with imaginative ways to display post data. And something as tricky as coming up with a good comments page is also touched upon, and as extensively as the topic deserves.

And if you think your site could be deemed as a good design example, then you can proceed to have it submitted. The link is on the main page, and if your site is indeed accepted then it will become viewable by just everybody.

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