Csealocal1000.org – New York’s Leading Union

  • June 30, 2008

Csealocal1000.orgOn Csealocal1000.org you can find information about the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA). This site provides you with data on benefits for local government and school workers, as well as state and court workers. You can read CSEA news and events, and you can find out more about CSEA benefits, including health care benefits.

Then, if you live in New York and you work on any of these areas, Csealocal1000.org might be of help. This site was created to give information about CSEA benefits for workers, including early retirement information and health plans. Besides, if you want to work in civil services, this site provides you with test preparation online.

Next time you need information about CSEA benefits and CSEA members, pay this site a visit. Csealocal1000.org provides you with legal services and CSEA news, among other CSEA services, including employment opportunities and retirement plan information. What is more, you can place an order for a book about CSEA history. Csealocal1000.org

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Csea.com – California School Employees Association

  • June 10, 2008

Csea.comThe California School Employees Association stands as the largest association of its kind within the United States of America, as it represents about 230,000 classified employees in the State of California. The union was first established in 1972 by a group of workers that weighed up the importance of gaining rights and benefits both for themselves and other classified employees.

The services rendered by the association include disaster relief funds, insurance assistance & guidance, and audit services. In addition to that, those who register have access to special contents such as training opportunities, market analysis and special discounts. A membership application can be procured online in order to commence the registration process. Issues of interest such as healthcare reforms and retirement security are discussed on the “Issues” pages, whereas a press room collects together press releases and information on CSEA representatives. Lastly, a guide of regional events such as lunch and safety weeks is provided in the corresponding section. Csea.com

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