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More – Offering Online Financial Services

  • May 19, 2008

Yesmany.comYesMany deals with money. It provides companies with bases on the internet with a means to receive, send, and manage their money.

They help customers open multicurrency accounts; they issue credit cards, assist with bank wire transfers, cash checks, convert currencies, and transfer funds via Western Union and Moneygram. Opening an account is free for all users. Transfers between customers are also gratis. Other rates vary depending on the transaction and the amount of money being handled. Among its more notable features, is YesMany’s Personal Banker service. Clients who have received more than 20 wire transfers are eligible for their own personal banker. This is meant to speed up transactions and simplify payment work.

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More – Credit Card Approval Online

  • May 8, 2008

ShopCreditCards.infoIn need of a new credit card? Finding it hard to get fast credit card approval? Check out for all your credit card approval needs.

Sometimes Banks just don’t have enough time to give you a fast approval of a credit card. You tend to have to fill out never ending paper work to be able to be approved. Those days are over. provides all the information on the latest, and not so latest, credit cards on the market. Providing information on: Discover Card, Capital One Card, HSBC Platinum Mastercard, American Express Card, and many more, finding your ideal card is now just a click away. provides all the pros and cons of the cards, and leaves it up to you to choose. The site also has a handy ´categories´ list down the left hand side of the page, allowing you to go directly to what you want to find. Should it be a low interest credit card, a balance transfer credit card, or an instant approval credit card, makes your decisions easy.
Visit ShopCreditCard and get approval in one click.

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More – Online Payment Systems

  • May 6, 2008 provides a secure and reliable system for credit card and check transactions.

They have opened their operations in 1998 and have developed speed and secure payment systems ever since. Their aim, basically, is to prevent and avoid fraud. One of the things they priories is technology; therefore, they are always looking for the newest methods for credit card processing. Among the solutions they provide, there are: payment process diagram, merchant console virtual terminal, “ePay”ment form, customer billing database, fraud center, retail ePay solutions, developer’s center, etc. The merchant console virtual terminal is highly effective because it works like a credit card machine; it process sales, credits, and voids. At the web site you will see different sections, such as: developers, resellers, support, etc. In the developers section there are some links like: developer`s library, wiki-knowledge base, registered carts and eStores, etc. If you want further information about the company itself, visit their site and check for the press releases, privacy policies, and premium partners,

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More – Compare Credit Cards Offers and

  • April 21, 2008

0-apr-creditcards.comIn you may compare the different credit cards and apply online for that which suits you better.

Applying for a 0 APR credit card means that you will only pay for the things you have purchased, without any interest. What this webpage allows you is to make a little research before applying. In addition, they give you advice on which is the best to apply, to look for the advantages and they give you tips for you to make the best decision. Then the moment to shop comes. You may choose to browse by type of credit card or by brand. Among the first one, you will find different categories such as low interest, balance transfer, students’ credit cards, prepaid cards, gas credit cards, and much more. And, if you browse by brand –or issuer- you will find the following: American Express, Chase, Citi, Discover Cards, MasterCard and Visa. Moreover, you apply online and in most cases you will get approved instantly!

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More – Know The Benefits Of Them

  • March 29, 2008

CreditCardCenterOnline.comAre you interested in knowing which the benefits of having certain credit cards are? There may be some credit cards that you don’t even know they exist. That is why there is a site which is responsible of letting you know all this.

In this site you can find out which are the available credit cards and the benefits that come with them. You can search for travel credit cards, for gasoline credit cards, for hotels credit cards among others. Each one has information about the benefits of having it as well as the option of applying for it. Besides the site also offers information about the different banks and their credit cards, information about loans and other useful information that will help you in your financial situation. Being careful today may prevent problems in the future. Make your financial situation stay safe, visit and get to know all the benefits you can have with the different credit cards.

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More – Protect Your Privacy And Identity

  • March 26, 2008

TrustedID.comAre you concerned about identity theft? provides consumers with the power and resources to protect their credit card information and who has access to it.

They provide with a lot of services but more importantly, they are constantly lobbying in Congress for legislation to help Americans defend themselves against the fastest growing crime in the nation: identity theft. Their services are very comprehensive and they prove useful: they range from warranty coverage in case identity theft occurs, to locking credit information so companies can’t access it without express permission to credit card monitoring. Furthermore, all the aforementioned services have been featured in the top newspapers of the country including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. They have a quite thorough FAQs section and they provide with customer care which can be contacted either by phone or by email. Protect your privacy and identity, visit

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More – Washington’s Community Credit Union

  • March 8, 2008

Columbiacuwb.orgNeed to get entitled with a credit to pay for your bills? Or perhaps you want to start your own business and need some cash? If the answers to those questions are yes then you should visit

At this site you will be able to find all the information you need to apply for loans or other banking related issues. The site is organized into different categories for you to choose. The categories that are featured at the site are personal banking center: checking accounts, money market, certificates, IRAs, savings accounts, personal online banking, additional services; business online banking that offers the same services as personal banking but adapted to business; loans: home equality, auto, rv and boat, personal, personal credit card, business loans, business credit cards; home lending: apply online, rates, request an appointment, loan choices, online calculators, home buyer education and money management: investments & insurance, buy life insurance, trust services, brass magazine, taxes, seminar schedule, request an appointment and calculators.

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More – A credit accepted Worldwide

  • March 5, 2008

GetMasterCardNow.comCredit cards have taken a major role since their creation, and are now as common, or sometimes even more common, than paying in cash, since purchases on the internet can only be made through credit cards and most shops now accept them. Among the many credit card names, there are a few that are accepted worldwide and are known wherever you go, and MasterCard is one of these names.

However, this website does no justice to it, being a raw-looking website with nothing to do except inputting a Reservation Number from a supposedly received offer, of which we are told nothing in the site. Basic deduction would lead us to believe that upon receiving said offer we would get a Reservation Number and a link to this site, but it is a shame that the site is useless apart from that. Unless you did get one of those numbers, this site is not worth your time.

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More – Online Resources

  • February 24, 2008

GettingACreditCard.comLooking for credit? Well then your quest for the power of plastic is done!!! Browse credit cards by categories, looking for students cards? Low fixed Apr? Instant decision, business? that’ll give you an idea on how many credit cards they’ve got at

The site is a third party site which enables visitors to connect themselves with the exact type of credit cardthat they want to find. Therefore all you’ve gotta do right now is choose and apply to your prefered plastic priveder. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards, contacty the Resource center and learn not even how to use it, but how to choose ir according to your economical and demographic position.

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More – Knowledge for the Smart Consumer

  • February 16, 2008

E-Wisdom.comAre you looking for a site were you can get important information about credit cards loans, internet service and etc? The site you are looking for is

Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about credit cards, long distance, internet services, loans, cellular, insurance, and more. At this site you are able to compare prices, tariffs, and what benefits you or not. The great thing about the is that they have up-dated all the information, you can calculate the interest in loans, and then take the right decision. Don’t miss the “knowledge” section, is very positive point this section because is you can get advice and tips in the next decisions. It’s woth to check out in the menu, the “more” section, there is available information that is exclusive information, you can have online banking comparison. E-wisdom is the best solution to your doubts; you can compare, calculate and get to the right decision with

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More – News & Entertainment

  • February 10, 2008

NCBuy.comAre you looking for the latest news and top stories? Well you have arrived to the right site for that. NCBuy.

com provides you not only with those headlines, but also with the bizarre and preposterous new adding some humor to the ordinary news. The site provides you the opportunity to do some online shopping for magazines, games and even deals (shop for those great deals from the shopping center). Besides the games you buy, there are others you can download or even some to play online completely free. The homepage has a lovely design that given the use of caricatures and some extreme colors, it conveys the image of entertainment and fun. The layout is quite simple and therefore enables you to browse around easily without bumping into any problems. Learn about the latest news, see what’s your daily horoscope or what happened on this day 100 years ago all in this site! Check it out at!

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More – Global Micropayment Provider

  • January 29, 2008 is a Global Micropayment Solution provider.

The site is powered by NEXT (New Economy eXchange Technology). Cherry Credits assists Online Content developers, aggregators and publishers to penetrate into untapped consumer markets. Moreover, empowering merchants and consumers with a global transaction alternative and the dominant use of Credit Cards look for Cherry Credits to provide a global physical scratch card which is available at major retail stores worldwide. Consumers will be able to shop online for great content using a unified virtual global credit that is known as CC.

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More – Your Source for Credit Card Informat

  • January 26, 2008

CardRatings.comThey are a grassroots consumer advocacy organization devoted to educating consumers about credit cards. They also offer consumer information for U.

K and Canadian consumers. This organization was founded in response to a growing national backlash against credit card debt.One of the primary methods that is employed to fight credit card debt is providing consumers with ratings of credit cards. Currently they offer consumer information regarding approximately 1000 unique credit card offerings, including two searchable databases containing approximately 1,100 credit card descriptions. On a related note, they provide all of the data (card terms and conditions) for the credit card and atm/debit survey published by the New York State Banking Department, the oldest bank regulatory agency in the nation. What is more, they also offer over approximately 19,000 consumer reviews of almost 1,000 cards written by consumers throughout the country. Disclosing such information often helps consumers find more attractive credit cards and, in turn, helps them lower their credit card debt. Another added benefit is that such disclosures encourage stronger competition among credit card issuers.Since its founding, they expanded their role and online offerings. For example, they now provide ratings of credit cards that are consumer friendly in terms of rebates and rewards. Such cards are geared toward consumers that do not typically carry balances. They have also started to recognize credit card issuers that have highly rated cards by creating a “Top Rated Card” award seal. Finally, they also now publish consumer data related to atm and debit cards.

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More – Make Money with Credit Cards

  • January 23, 2008

MyCreditCardCash.comYou can earn a full time income promoting credit cards. MyCreditCardCash.

com sets you up with your professional website loaded with over 160 credit cards to promote. Some cards pay up to $121 per sign up, if you want a legit work at home opportunity that has a potential to make up to $5000+ a month, this is it. They also pay affiliates for referring new members. had a mission to offer people from all walks of life the ability to own their own, legitimate work at home business. With so many scams on the internet, promoting credit card online has been a stable way to earn money online for years. for the first time puts people in control of a profitable credit card business. With marketing tools, coaching, live updates, statistics and more, this will be an emerging business in the coming years.

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More – Helping you Save Money

  • December 26, 2007

uk is a completely free service to use. All the articles and tools available on this website are here only because they are great ways for you to, and information on how to, save money. The information is based on detailed and independent research. This is a free independent unbiased UK personal finance service helping you compare and make informed decisions on UK mortgages, credit cards, savings, secured and unsecured personal loans.

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More – Accept credit cards

  • December 24, 2007

Propay.comImagine that you are one of the thousands of owners of any shop, where costumers can by with credit cards. A few years ago if you wanted to give this facility to your clients, you would need some kind of machine and with the machine it comes the contract for specific credit cards, etc.

Well that age is over; today offers a simple, safe, and affordable service that gives you the ability to accept your customer’s credit cards. No special equipment is required to use ProPay and there are no complicated contracts or commitments. Users can process cards over the internet or, for mobile transactions, using any touch-tone telephone, including cell phones, with ProPay’s “Push to Pay” functionality. It’s a really convenient service if you need to accept credit cards. On you will find everything you need to know about this new service, how to get it, costumer services, and how to sign up. Also you check out a section of testimonies of people that are working now with ProPay.

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More – Spend Wisely

  • December 20, 2007 wants to help you understand everything there is to know about making payments.

It’s a useful website with information covering credit cards, e-bills, Paypal, Google Checkout and other online payment methods. Formed by a group of financial service experts, brings together an array of articles that detail the online payment industry. Their goal is to arm you with enough information to make informed decisions when dealing with financial matters online. The website itself is all info and no frills, just facts. It’s a good place to check out when you’re unsure of making that online payment.

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More – Get a Credit Card

  • December 19, 2007 is an online credit card market place that brings consumers and card issuers together.

It is a free online resource where the users can compare hundreds of credit cards offers by category. The aim is to provide consumers with the largest variety of credit card offers online and enable smart selection and use of cards by offering news, advice and tools. Finding the best card offers easy; you only have to follow 3 steps: first, use the menu to search for the type of card you are looking for, then compare the offers to determine which one is the best for you and finally apply for the credit card of your choice by filling out an online application.

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More – Financial Solutions

  • November 28, 2007

Rbccentura.comThey are dedicated to provide people financial solutions in order to make a difference in their lives. They offer lots different products and services, including personal finance, business finance, personal online services and business online services.

Personal finance comprises checking, savings, retirement savings, mortgages, investments, credit cards, education savings, loans and lines of credit. Business finance consist of checking, check card, savings, international banking, investment banking, merchant card services, and leasing, among others. Personal online services include web banking & bill, payment, online mortgages and online securities. And business online services take in web banking & bill payment, remote deposit, online money management, internet banking and internet foreign exchange. In addition you will have access to their solutions center which offer information, instructions, tools, resources and links which can help you comprehend and make the most of the financial opportunities and challenges in your life.

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More Making The Most Of Your Time and Money

  • November 15, 2007 Making The Most Of Your Time and MoneyApplied Bank specializes in providing unsecure Visa and MasterCard credit cards to people who have what is, usually, considered unfavorable credit history. Through this website you can login to your account, and acces either, credit cards or bank accounts.

This will allow you to have 24 hour access. Applied Bank’s Credit Card Center, allows you to make a payment, accept an offer, or get real time account information. There are more advantages to Applied Bank offered to you, like: Loans, Savings, Checking, Investments and Intrest Rates. To open an account at this web site you must choose the type of account you would like, fill-out the correspondant form and email it. There are three types of accounts you can choose from: Personal Loans, Personal Deposits, Inquiries/Reformal Form. Applied Bank offers you costumer service, responsability and flexibility, all from the comfort of your home. Making The Most Of Your Time and Money

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