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SketchDeck: Varsity Level Pitch Deck Creation

SketchDeck: Varsity Level Pitch Deck Creation

We all know how important design is when it comes to pitching your startup, but did you know that (according to The Strategic Designer) good design can increase sales by 23%? At a certain point, all successful entrepreneurs learn that despite all of the work that goes into compiling the mounds of information…

Read More – Create Personal Slides with Ads

SeeSpotSlide is a new web-based app which allows users to create, store and share their photo slides of pics from the major content providers, like Flickr, Amazon (cover art), Facebook and SmugMug (videos, Friendster, Spout and bebo will also be available in a short while), though no directly uploaded images. The really good bit about the service is that you can select some ads for campaigns or brands you like or support to throw into...

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