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Tasty Startups: KptnCook Whips Together Three, Thirty-Minute Recipes Ideas Each Day

Tasty Startups: KptnCook Whips Together Three, Thirty-Minute Recipes Ideas Each Day

Are you a rudderless ship when it comes time to decide what to eat? KptnCook can sail you to great recipes in no time.

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An online community for food lovers, The Recipez is capable of turning even those who have a very limited culinary awareness into people who were born to wear chef hats. And it’s also sure to make you feel hungry, even minutes after having had brunch, I can tell you. It brings together so many recipes (and highly-detailed photos to go with these) that no person who visits it could fail to have a more developed understanding of...

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Taysti can be defined as a social cookbook that basically enables people to store their favorite recipes online, and have them shared with absolutely everybody. Fiends, relatives who are located faraway, food lovers that the user has yet to know in person… recipes can be shared and reshared with all such individuals, in the easiest way of all. It is all a matter of creating an account and beginning to make connections. And since...

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Recipefy has been created to let those who feel the sweat forming in their foreheads when someone mentions cooking have something of a less trying experience at the kitchen. This site resembles a social network in which recipes are openly shared among members. Any person who joins Recipefy can proceed to get the recipes shared by those who are more far more skilled when it comes to the culinary world, complete with detailed...

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Are you tired of looking up and down your cookbooks for a recipe that uses the ingredients you have in your pantry, only to find one that is a marginal match or (worse still) being unable to locate one after searching for an hour? If that happens to be the case, there are better options that putting your jacket on and crossing the street in order to buy something at McDonalds. Using a web-based cookbook is one such option, and Eat...

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