CookItFor.Us – Get Recipes Made For You

  • November 22, 2011

CookItFor.UsA site that’s been inspired by a very original idea, what Cook It For Us does is to let people add every recipe they see online to a list of recipes they want restaurants to make. The way this new site works, if enough people favorite a recipe then that will be made, and all the people who requested it be made will receive a direct notification when it’s ready.

The verb used to favorite a recipe on this site is “crave”. That is, just as you “like” a story on Facebook, on Cook It For Us you “crave it”. And then, restaurants “make it”.

All of the featured recipes are grouped together by category. “Seafood Recipes”, “Chicken Recipes”, “Pasta Recipes”, “Cakes”, “Vegetarian”… these and more are found on the site. And the ones that are more popular across all of the featured categories are highlighted on the homepage, for you to know what’s likelier to be made soon if you just “crave it”.

A service like this one is as interesting to customers as it is to restaurateurs. The former can get to eat dishes they could never make themselves, while the latter are ensured full attendance in these nights that would otherwise be a hard sell.

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More – Learn Ethnic Dishes

  • August 28, 2011

CultureKitchenSF.comCulture Kitchen is a new service that pairs those who want to learn ethnic cooking with people who come from these very same countries who live right in their neighborhoods, and that could show them all the recipes they could ever want to learn. This matching process takes place after one has signed up for the service, provided his location and specified the kind of ethnic cooking he (or she) is interested in becoming more familiarized with.

What is important to point out, now, is that the site doesn’t actually couple people with professional chefs. No, it actually pairs users with immigrant women who have learned to cook at home, and who love their culture enough as to transmit that culinary knowledge.

A service such as this one benefits just everybody. Users get to learn to cook ethnic food without having to pay the kind of fees professional chefs always charge, and immigrants get a chance to generate an income by spreading knowledge that is innate to them, and that they can’t really certificate in any academic way.

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More – Share Photos Of Dishes

  • August 18, 2011

Yumalicio.usWarning: don’t get near this site if you’re hungry. On, people who have just cooked anything can upload a photo of what the dish they have just put together, and tell everybody else about where people can show. Or they can upload a picture of a dish that they could hardly wait to try. In all cases, this is a site that is sure to whet your appetite; is a true “show and tell” website for food.

And in more places than one, is a social site. There is an activity feed showcasing the latest dishes that have been added to the site, and people who sign up for an account (it costs nothing) can follow others users around. They can follow them around, and they can message them as well. Which only makes too much sense, really ? what better way to learn how to cook an eye-catching dish than asking the person who knows how to do it yourself?

And just in case fails to satisfy your food discovery needs, then you might as well check Biggest Menu out. Or SnapDish. These are sites that make for sharing images of food every bit as quickly as And (in some cases) even faster – SnapDish provides a mobile app for a better overall user experience.

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More – Recipes From Food Writers

  • July 11, 2011

Gojee.comMore recipes than you could shake at stick at. That is the one thing offered on this new website. It goes by the name of Gojee, and it is certain to enlighten even the most clueless among ones when it comes to cooking. The site can deliver personalized recipes to all its users. All it needs in order to know what to deliver to whom is exactly which kind of food the person likes, and what he has got in his larder. The moment it gets that information, then the application can look through its database of recipes, fetch the one that seems more suitable and have it delivered straight to the user for him to try and make it come to life.

All of the featured recipes have been hand-picked from reputable food writers. All types of cuisine are already covered, and Gojee can come up with suitable recipes regardless of how exotic the ingredients the user has are.

So, this is you best bet for coming up with a meal that will have people asking for another helping. The site can be joined at just no cost, so I guess you will be able to arrive at that very same conclusion by yourself. Just supply the basic information that is asked to get started.

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More – Cook Better Meals

  • June 29, 2011

IdealMealz.comRecipe sites are great for what they are, IE something that give people who are not really proficient in the kitchen the basic guidance for cooking something basically palatable. Yet, there are people who are so inept that they need something more. They need to be assisted at just every step of the process in order to stand a chance of getting it all right in the end, and not having to run downstairs five minutes before their guests arrive to buy some food to cover how they messed up big time. Well, this site is for all such people.

Named IdealMealz, it guides users all through the actual meal-making process. They are provided not only with recipes and cooking instructions, but also with a grocery list for getting the perfect ingredients and nothing but that when they are shopping. And coming back to the actual cooking instructions, these are provided both in written and video form. There is no way you could possibly get things wrong with the assistance provided on this site.

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More – Illustrated Recipes For Everybody

  • May 16, 2011

TheyDrawAndCook.comRecipe sites are ten-a-penny, and for most people the one they end up using is an entirely subjective matter. They have mostly the same content, and present it in an identical way. Yet, there are sites that are slowly trying to break from the mould. And TheyDrawAndCook is one such site.

TheyDrawAndCook takes a more pictorial approach than competing sites by illustrating all the featured recipes in lots of different ways. Cartoons and infographic-styled images are the ones featured more recurrently throughout the site, and this means that both adults and children will get something from

These illustrated recipes actually come from users of the site, so those among you who have the time and the will to contribute their own drawings to can do it right away. The time, the will and also the culinary knowledge, of course. The best recipes might even make it into the printed books published by the company with these dishes that people search and use more actively.

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More – Store All Your Recipes

  • April 14, 2011

KeepRecipes.comHaving an online recipe box is easier than ever thanks to an application like this one. Keep Recipes will let you store just everything – the recipes belonging to your great-grandparents, the ones that you found on some new website that specializes in exotic cuisine, even the recipes that your best-loved celebrities are known to be keen on (as shared on their Twitter and Facebook accounts)… it is all the same. As long as it is a recipe, it will be something that you could store and keep safe on this website.

The site also makes it incredibly easy to browse through these recipes that make up its database thanks to the rich search interface that it has. In addition to being able to look recipes up by main ingredient and by type of cuisine, you will be allowed to find recipes by occasion. Which is far from insignificant, actually – most people I know can tell a mortifying story or two about having had to get food ready for some kind of thematic party or special celebration when they in fact have difficulty cooking a steak. Well, I do at least.

And if you need a really novel idea for a dish and time is at a premium, then simply check the suggestions that are provided on the homepage. There is enough variety to keep things reasonably tasty for everybody.

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More – Which Ingredients Go Together

  • April 11, 2011

IngredientPairings.comThe mere thought of having to get a meal together is enough to send some people rushing to their panic rooms, especially if the meal is involving business partners, the parents of his/her significant one, the person they want to become his/her significant one… In all three cases, a step out of line could cost you dear, and leave you in an unnecessarily tricky position.

Luckily, there are websites that simplify cooking to the point even a person who has never set foot on a kitchen would be able to come up with something tasty (and slightly-elaborated) without going raving mad in the process. This site is a fine example of that.

It does exactly what its name suggest – it will let you know which ingredients go with which when you want to know how to best combine what you have in your larder. The site allows you to execute searches ingredient by ingredient, and you will be able to pull full recipes together in no time at all. And both iOS and Android are supported, so that is your culinary needs covered on just all fronts.

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More – New Recipes To Try

  • March 29, 2011

Recipefy.comRecipefy has been created to let those who feel the sweat forming in their foreheads when someone mentions cooking have something of a less trying experience at the kitchen.

This site resembles a social network in which recipes are openly shared among members. Any person who joins Recipefy can proceed to get the recipes shared by those who are more far more skilled when it comes to the culinary world, complete with detailed instructions for replicating them to the tee in their own kitchens. And they will also be able to share any recipe that they have in their possession.

Who knows, maybe a more knowledgeable person will see them and point out anything which was wrong with them. That can always happen. And convincing your guests to come back after a particularly disastrous dinner would not be that hard in that case – after all, it was the recipe that was wrong. You just followed the instructions to the letter.

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More – Help For Cooking Better

  • February 21, 2011

Cookzillas.comPowered by Google custom search, Cookzillas is a site that can end all your culinary dilemmas and ruminations. No matter which kind of situation you are facing – you might be on a tight budget and only be able to afford the most basic of ingredients, you might need to learn a new foreign dish in a real hurry… this search engine for recipes is going to pull out you from your difficulties.

Through this site, you are enabled to look for recipes containing specific ingredients only, and the results will always be accompanied both by cooking instructions and by ratings. And just as importantly, you will be able to see images for each and every dish that is featured..

So, this is as good a way out of culinary junctions as any other. It costs nothing, and it provides timely results. What else could you possibly need in order to save the evening when there has been a change of plans?

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More – Video Recipes From Top Chefs

  • January 26, 2011

IdealChef.comIdeal Chef is here to make a pro out of the clumsiest cooks among us. The site brings together video recipes that are submitted by top chefs from all over the world. You will be able to see them in action, and go forwards and backwards as many times as you need to grasp exactly how they are doing what they are doing. And then, when you feel confident enough you will be able to try and replicate what you have seen in your kitchen.

Italian, American, Scandinavian, Mediterranean and Chinese dishes are all included in the database (a database that is growing daily), and the best dishes are actually featured on the main page for you to try them out. And you can always carry direct searches based on the type of cuisine, the dish, the ingredients that are used and also the name of the chef.

Moreover, you will be able to place recipe requests and receive the direct assistance of the many specialized chefs who already interact through the site.

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More – Videos For Learning How To Cook

  • January 20, 2011

BeTheCook.comRecipe sites are very good and practical, but there are people who need that little more guidance in order to find their way around the kitchen. This site is for them.

Named Be The Cook, it lets people record videos of these dishes that they know how to make and have them uploaded for all to see and learn. In this way, the chances of getting a meal wrong are notably minimized. Even those who are really inept when it comes to cooking should be able to get things right by paying just a little attention.

Naturally, the site has lots of different categories such as Appetizer Recipes, Breakfast & Brunch Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Healthy Recipes… And recipes from different countries such as Japan and China have also got categories of their own, so that finding something suitable for a thematic party is really easy and enjoyable.

Also, recipes can be visualized based on how recently they have been added to the database, and on how many times they have been viewed by others. Besides, the ones that have received the highest ratings can be individualized at once.

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More – Plan Your Weekly Meals

  • January 18, 2011 put, 1Click2Cook is a new subscription service that will let you plan all your weekly meals in advance, and save both money and time in the process. Upon signing up for the service, you will begin receiving recommended recipes, cooking instructions and shopping lists for knowing where to get the ingredients necessary for conjuring any of the featured recipes in your kitchen.

Such an approach lets people save money because they get to realize how to come up with the cheapest recipes, and time because they no longer have to spend the best part of the afternoon thinking about what to cook. The featured recipes will provide them with instant (and faultless) inspiration.

And it is important to mention that all of them always come with full nutritional information, so that you will be left in no doubt about what you are cooking and the effect it can have in your diet, or in the diet of any person that you have to cook for.

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More – Meal Planning Simplified

  • October 19, 2010

FoodOnTheTable.comFood On The Table is a new resource that takes meal planning into a league of its very own. The objective of the site is to let families agree on suitable meals, and get them together in both a time and cost-effective way.

Food On The Table lets you poll your family and learn what they are in the mood for eating, and then it can let you save money by looking for the best deals in your local area.

This means that all the food that you buy is food that will be eaten, and that will be eaten willingly at that. Any meal plan that is generated using Food On The Table is based solely on what the members of you family are hungry for.

And what’s even more interesting is that the application can come up with its very own recommendations based on the preferences of your family and the food that they have said they are in the mood for. As a result, you will be able to offer them a nurturing series of meals that they are sure to like, and at a price that you can afford.

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More – Become A Much Better Cook

  • September 1, 2010

Cooklet.comThere is no end to the number or recipe sites that are released each month, for the mere reason that to many people the culinary world is incredibly taxing in itself. They might be able to do just anything – write complex equations, translate difficult texts, achieve amazing physical feats… but put them in the kitchen and they will all look like wet puppies.

That is why sites like Cooklet are always going to be around – to provide culinary guidance to the ones who just don’t have a clue. Cooklet does that in two main ways: by letting people share recipes of every type, and by including a comprehensive set of tutorials and guides.

The “Recipes” category is subdivided in four main sections: “All Recipes”, “Quick Pick Recipes”, “Inspirations” and “Cookbook”. For its part, the tutorials and guides are all included in the “Academy” category – a category which is actually split into “Cooking Basics”, “Master Your Skills,” “Culinary Articles”, “Tips & Tricks” and “Dictionary”.

In final place, note that the site comes complete with a series of tools that include a calculator of calories for every food that is featured on the database. There is also a converter of measures. These can be used at no cost, obviously.

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More – Learn To Cook Like An Expert

  • August 24, 2010

Cookblast.comThis is a website that you will like to check if your culinary abilities are on par with mine. Basically, it gathers together a wide array of “How to” and recipe videos.

Through the site, you can learn how to get any dish ready. And if you are already acquainted with any of the featured dishes then you will be capable of refining the way that you have always made them.

The existing database can be browsed in three different ways: by cuisine, by dish and by ingredient. In practice, this means that if you have a couple of ingredients lying around and you don’t know what to make out of them you can simply resort to the relevant search option and have a good range of dishes to choose from displayed. This is made even easier since the “Ingredient search” menu is split in lots of categories such as “Vegetables”, “Fruit” and “Seafood”.

Currently, the site hosts more than 16,000 videos. That is more than enough to make a respectable chef out of most people. All tastes and palates are going to be catered by such a comprehensive amount of recipes, and that’s a fact.

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More – Find Recipes & Share Them

  • June 29, 2010

Yummly.comYummly is a site in which you can find recipes to go with every occasion, and also proceed to share them with your circle of friends.

The main functionality of the site (IE, that of letting you look up dishes to implement) is logically the one that has been developed the most.

You can specify a lot of variables and activate several different filters. The launch process is started by answering the question “What are you in the mood for?”, and once you have answered that you will be able to add and remove ingredients, and select the taste that you want by adjusting a couple of sliders that read “Salty”, “Sweet”, “Bitter”, “Savory” and “Sour”. Of course, you will also be able to make clear how much you can spend.

And there is even more than that – you can make the search process take diets and allergies into consideration. For instance, if you are allergic to any type of food you can let Yummly know about that before any result is produced. This will let you avoid the hassle of having to sort results manually.

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More – Comprehensive Food Information

  • June 15, 2010

TastyDays.comThis is a site that will appeal both to people who love cooking and to the ones who would like to learn how to cook. The one word that sums it up is “Food”, and we could practically add any verb to that noun like “cook” or “find” and the site would still hold relevance.

Recipes are one of the many things that can be found and perused here, and so are places in which you can eat when you want to have a top night out. Besides, a vast collection of links directing you to food blogs ranging far and wide is provided. And it is always possible to learn more about celebrity chefs and authors who have written on the topic of food and cooking by checking out the section named “People”.

And what good is a site like this one without videos? We all know the answer, and so did the ones who put this site together. That is why they have included a whole section made up of cooking videos for you to hone your skills. And the section that goes by the name of “Cooking Shows” will play out an identical role.

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More – Cook With What You Have At Hand

  • April 15, 2010

FoodPair.comCuisine is the typical area that leaves people dumbfounded, even when they are aware of its actual transcendence, and how important it is to be able to put a dish or two together both for their wallets and their health. This site enables just anybody to look up recipes that can be replicated with these ingredients that they have at hand.

In that way, the one executing the search is prevented from having to skip from one dish to the other manually because he doesn’t have what it takes to conjure it up in his kitchen.

Searches can be launched in three different ways, since you can specify a dish, a course or an ingredient. In any case, the system comes with an intelligent filter that effectively pairs ingredient after ingredient until you maximize what is already found on your larder.

Sites that lets you do with what you have are increasingly popular and useful, if only because there is a demand which is dictated by the economic climate. By that yardstick, a site like FooPpair will find more than one devoted user out there.

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More – All There Is To Know About Cooking

  • March 17, 2010

KitchenDaily.comAs you can guess by merely glancing at its name, this is a resource devoted to the world of cooking. A mere visit to the site will provide you with recipes, tips and overall food advice.

All the information is categorized accordingly, and you won’t have any difficulty finding your way through the site if you do give it a try. In any case, you can use the provided search functionality in order to narrow the content you will inevitably have to weed through if you are looking for something very punctual and you are in a hurry (IE, you forgot your husband’s boss was coming for dinner and you need to get everything done in a frenzy).

One of the best features of the site has to be the “Don’t know what to cook?” section. In principle, this will let you specify what is in your fridge and what you are in the mood for before providing you with a list of dishes that would put Remy from Ratatouille to shame. And in case that fails, an “Editor’s Picks” section is sure to point you in the right culinary direction.

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