Upgrade Your Tickets With Last Minutes Deals From Seat Leap

  • June 25, 2018

Imagine that you’re getting ready to go see your favorite musician or baseball team. You were SO stoked to get tickets, even if you couldn’t quite afford the seats you wanted, but now you’re a little worried about how well you’ll be able to see from the nosebleed section – and annoyed that last time you went, half the “good” seats went unfilled. If this sounds familiar to you, consider checking out Seat Leap for a deal on a last-minute chance to upgrade your tickets.

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EVNTLIVE Is Going To Change The Way You View Live Music

  • April 16, 2013

We’ve all been there: your favorite band is in town but somehow tickets have sold out before you even knew they were coming. There’s nothing like that downer when you realize, dammit, I’m at home and the Alabama Shakes are playing right down the street and there’s nothing I can do about it! Well, I’ve got…

More – All Ages

  • July 5, 2012 is the website of an extremely famous night club in Orange County, California. Chain Reaction is one of the hottest spots to hit if visiting the Los Angeles area. There are always amazing acts playing at this venue. This website keeps everyone up to date about who is going to be performing on stage and when, as well as what age groups are invited. Almost every show is available to all ages, making this one of the most rare venues in the country. Many venues prefer to keep the crowds at least 18 years old and up, due to liability. believes that everyone should be able to see their heroes, not just those old enough to smoke and buy beer.

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More – The Best Way To Find & Buy Tickets

  • June 20, 2010

Tickets.Gruvr.comIf you are looking for tickets for any concert or sports event and you want to avoid the hassle of manually comparing and contrasting prices, then a site like this one will be more than helpful. Gruvr Ticket Scout searches all the major online ticket marketplaces to find the lowest price for any given event.

It then proceeds to send you an email alert if the prices for that event happen to drop, so that if you didn’t buy the ticket the first time around because the price was something you couldn’t afford you will be able to buy it when it becomes less expensive.

The fact remains that ticket sellers cut prices drastically as the date of an events draws near. That is the way it always has been. Gruvr Ticket Scout is a service that truly helps people maximize and even exploit such a dynamic.

The way Gruvr Ticekt Scout is used couldn’t be simpler, as you only have to name your price for a specific event and provide your email for notification purposes. And the main page also offers an alphabetical index that will let you find artists in a direct and uncomplicated way.

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More – An Easy Way To Procure Tickets

  • September 23, 2009

GotNew.comThis is an online resource that was originally created just for fun, in order to make use of different web technologies. After a while it turned out to be a good solution that is already being used to help people when they actually work with these technologies on a daily basis.

GotNew is an accurate way to find a variety of tickets and directions to different gigs you will certainly enjoy. Along with that you will also find tickets for musicals and sports events in your town or city.

How does this system work? Well, this is not highly complicated but it gives you an effective service just by geo-locating your position. That is actually why you do not need to type in your location.

The site is minimalistic and totally uncomplicated and you are allowed to make use of the service without having to pay anything at all. In case you want to learn how to use this solution give the site a visit at and check it out for yourself.

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A Musical Experience –

  • September 21, 2009

A Musical ExperienceDo you like music? The take a look at this blog. Ali on the Air can be accurately conceived as the place where you will have access to an assorted selection of written reviews and articles about a variety of appealing topics related to music.

The blog is written by Ali MacLean who is a respected writer and DJ from Boston. Among many other matters you will find a variety of nightlife essays in addition to video interviews to some of the most famous musicians. Lear more about Indie and rock music, as well as hip hop and other genres at A Musical Experience

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More – A Price Comparison Engine

  • June 12, 2009

RoosterFly.comEverybody knows that it is great to watch you favorite teams or singers whenever they are close you you. If you are a busy professional you deserve to have a chance to relax and enjoy the best games and concerts.

But what happens with the tickets?

In case you want to find convenient tickets in order to enjoy these spectacles, RoosterFly is a price-comparison engine that fits your needs when it comes to finding entertainment tickets for sports, concerts and theatre online.

The site is very easy to navigate through and you will be able to use advanced technology in order to search for you favorite tickets. has a clear design and gives you three sections where you will get information about sport tickets, as well as concert tickets, in addition to theater tickets.

Therefore if you want to buy NBA tickets, as well as NHL or MLS tickets this seems to be the right place for you to take a look at. Have you been waiting for a long time to watch you favorite band? Ok, that is enough, no more waiting and hoping. Give this site a visit at

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More – Your Guide To The Tri Cities

  • March 25, 2009

Finding good valuable information about any area can be a big challenge. This website was created in order to provide you with local information on the Tri Cities of Johnson City, Kingsport & Bristol.

On this online resource you will find information about a number of restaurants and shopping, as well as places where to stay, in addition to different suggestions on what to do, etc.

In case you need a calendar of events and much more, gives you what you are looking for. This site works as a high quality comprehensive source of information about accommodations, and restaurants for visitors coming to the area, or locals trying to find businesses around them.

The website includes an updated datebook of events like concerts, and festivals, as well as musicals etc. going on in the Tri Cities. Information on what to do, like golfing, parks, nightlife, museums, local and nearby attractions as well as hunting and fishing information are all available at

The website is locally owned and operated and is dedicated to providing local information on the Tri Cities and local businesses a place to showcase their business on the internet.

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More – Buy And Sell Tickets

  • March 23, 2009

LiveStub.comDo you want to buy any ticket for any special event or concert? Are you interested in getting only the highest quality tickets? This is the website where you will be able to get all the tickets you want. LiveStub.

com is a secondary ticket marketplace where you will find a peer-to-peer platform in order to get a free and easy direct contact between buyers and sellers. is in charge to put buyers and sellers directly in contact with each other. In this way they can sell and buy their tickets. This system is a transparent platform for the exchange of tickets in the secondary market for free. empowers fans with ticket pricing data that makes the buying (and selling) experience open and honest.

This is a very interesting online resource where you can find a very good and effective way to get your desired tickets. It is very interesting to realize that many people will have the opportunity to get very good tickets from direct sources. This site is very effective to describe its services and everybody can understand the way this system works rapidly. If you want to get a ticket now, take a look at the site.

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More – More Than Just Tickets

  • March 17, 2009

Ticketini.comTicketini is part search engine, part social network, and part eCommerce store. On this site, you can search their inventory of thousands of performers, athletes, dancers, singers, musicians, comedians, events, venues and more.

A catalog of upcoming event tickets is likewise included for easy reference.

The social aspect is represented by the ability to share your photos, videos, reviews and more with the whole community. You can likewise see live clips and read reviews from people who were actually there, so you will know what to expect if you decide to attend a gig by an artist who is touring right now.

In addition to that, you can save your favorites when you bookmark performers, events and venues, and send friends links to your favorite pages. All in all, the company makes it tagline of “bringing out the social side in ticket sales” come true by providing an excellent set of features and options. You can also sign up for the existing newsletter and stay abreast of presales and upcoming events of note.

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More – Never Rock Alone

  • March 11, 2009

PreAmped.comThis new site aims to provide the most complete listing of artists and concerts within the US, with 350,000 artists and 275,000 scheduled shows already accounted for. The company goes to the most popular concert listing sites and puts all the data together to make sure the user only needs to hit a single place.

You can explore your city, sample the music that will be played, and see who else is attending similar concerts in your area. As they aptly put it: “Never miss a show and never rock alone!”

Every event, city, and venue page is geo-coded, and the team has also gathered RSS feeds for every location. Emerging technologies like vCard tagging and KML exports are also taken into account in order to give users a better service.

The site premiered on January 1st, 2009. The team told me that they wanted their public beta to make things easy for users just wanting to know what’s going on. They also wanted to keep everything as comprehensive as possible by putting everything in a single place. Likewise, the site fulfils its aim of getting every user involved in his local scene. Upcoming developments will include further accessibility options such as support for mobile devices, and that will surely add more icing to the cake.

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More – Hard-To-Get-Tickets

  • January 6, 2009

Ticketexecutive.comTicketexecutive is a company that specializes in selling tickets for all kinds of entertainment events especially hard to acquire. One of the greatest things about this service, in special regarding sports or theatre tickets redistribution, is the fact that users can get access to great seats and prices.

The site’s menu gives the users the chance of looking for tickets related to Sports, concerts, or theater. Regarding Sports, users can get tickets in order to watch their favorite NBA, NHL, NFL, or MLB teams. Regarding tennis, it is important to remark that users can get premium access to the major tennis matches all over the world.

In relation to Concerts, the site has an extensive list of top stars like Madonna, Elton John, Coldplay, Neil Young and many others and by clicking on the Concerts Button users can get access to a list of more than 200 artists and order their tickets. Obviously, this effective procedure is applicable to the theater spectacles. In case the users cannot find what they are searching for easily, the site also has a search tool where they can enter any related word to the desired spectacle.

In conclusion if you do not want miss any game, play, movie or concert you can book them at the lowest costs at this online resource.

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More – A New Concert Search Engine

  • December 8, 2008

GigFreaks.comIf you’re a big fan of music and simply love going to as many concerts as you can, is the solution you’ve been looking for. is a concert discovery and recommendation engine that will generate a list of the hottest events that suit any user’s musical taste and location. was created for everyone who loves music and concerts. The search is dead easy. It’s based on a single favorite artist or band, and can be filtered using geographical parameters and by setting a date range. For people without musical preferences also provides a location based search. Short event, artist, and album information are also there, with some useful links to more content, online ticket reservation, and music shops.

Using APIs enables us to give every user what they want (even if he still doesn’t know it) and stay tuned to the latest musical buzz. Looking for events and concerts can be easy and fun using GigFreaks.

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More – Good Seats For All

  • December 2, 2008

SeatNation.comAre you looking for the best tickets on the market? Wheteher you want to go to an NBA game, see some PGA golf, take in a Broadway musical, or catch the hottest rock concert, is sure to have what you’re looking for.’s interactive websites gives customers the option to buy, sell, and trade tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theatrical performances all over the world.

The site offers a wide variety of events to choose from so no matter what you taste gravitates towards there will always be something to your liking. If there’s a big event happening tickets for it will likely be available on this site. Customers have the option to search by event type, name, or city as well as having the option to use the search box for a more specific search.

And because this website wants to reward its customers, it conducts contests where they have the opportunity to win great seats to an exclusive event just by uploading their pictures to the ‘Sweetest Seats’ sweepstakes. What more could you want from a ticket site?

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More – Find, Post, and Share Events

  • November 19, 2008

UQEvents.comUQ Events is a web-based social-networking service that allows people to post, find, and share events and event information (music, theatre, nightlife, comedy, art, hockey, film, charity, and more). UQ Events was created for individuals looking to find and share event information in an easy, enjoyable and exciting fashion.

Membership is free and easy to obtain, and gives you the ability to create, publish, and manage events through your online UQ Events profile and calendar. These events can either be kept private, shared with a chosen circle of friends, or published for anyone using the website to see.

Both members and non-members are able to find events through the UQ Events search engine and share them through a variety of programs and services including email services, calendar programs such as iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Office, and bookmarking websites like Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Blinklist, Magnolia, Google Bookmarks, and more.

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More – Buy Tickets and Earn Cash Back

  • October 9, 2008

TicketHab.comAre you tired of seeing ticket scalpers or online ticket brokers buying tickets to events and shows and reselling them for three or four times what they paid for them? Or hearing about how fans get scammed out of tickets and their money? If you are, has now made it possible to ease your fear and conscience when you go shopping for tickets to concerts and Broadway shows online by providing a secure cash back website. pays 100% of the commission received from its selling partners to their customers. In exchange, keeps the first $30 dollars a customer earns within a year. For example, if a customer orders two tickets to a Jersey Boys performance at $500 a piece and Tickethab receives $200 in commission. $170 will be passed onto the customer and Tickethab keeps $30 as the annual administration fee. In addition, Tickethab’s robust search engine technology gets the best priced tickets and allows customers to choose the tickets of their choice without standing in line at the box office or ticket counter.

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More – Your Life Through Music

  • October 7, 2008 is a social community to share your life through music.

JamsBio offers a rich platform on top of a database of over 5 million songs to share music memories. You can journal about music by posting your memories, writing reviews of albums, songs of concerts, and sending dedications to someone special. JamsBio also features games that put your knowledge of music to the test. Think you know music? Prove it by playing SongBlitz and JamsMatch. If you want to improve your knowledge of music, do some virtual “crate digging” by exploring the more than 5 million songs and full artist discographies using the site’s unique MusicFinder feature. Everyone has his or her favorite songs, albums or artists. You can create and debate Top-5 music lists about any topic you can imagine. To keep you in tune with the latest in music, there’s JamsBio Magazine, a rich collection of original columns, podcasts, reviews and news articles dished out daily from contributors around the globe who present a fresh, fan’s eye view of the world of music.

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More – Get All Your Tickets

  • August 26, 2008

StubPass.comHaving a hard time finding NFL tickets? Trying to catch a show while in Vegas? If you answered yes to any of those questions, is the place you’re looking for.

Within the site, you’ll be able to find tickets to an astonishingly wide variety of events. This will allow you to get all your tickets from one place, without having to shop around online. Whether you’re looking for Kanye West tickets, or you want to catch the Mets on the road, the site has something for anyone to enjoy. One thing that makes the site a great contender to become your ticket purchasing source is the fact that finding tickets is really simple. The fastest way is searching by zip code. This will give you a listing of events taking place near your home, allowing you to plan accordingly. They even have tickets to Celine Dion concerts; there truly is something for everyone on this site.

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More – Live Music Promotion

  • August 18, 2008

GigJunkie.netGig Junkie is a social network dedicated to fans, gigs, and the promotion of live music. The site is target marketed to avid live music fans through street work, sponsorship presence at gigs and festivals, as well as online activity on Google, MySpace, and Facebook.

Gig Junkie is targeting 4 to 6 million live music fans in the UK and has plans to launch into foreign territories in 2009. Gig Junkie is also very proud to announce they are now the U-Live online live music community and ticketing partner. U-Live in its second year has invited Gig Junkie on board to help make this year’s tours even more exciting and successful. Gig Junkie sees its partnership with U-Live and the NUS as an incredibly exciting period in the development of the Gig Junkie brand. Benefits to fans, bands, promoters, and venue owners of using Gig Junkie are vast. These demographics are all heavily entwined within the student market place, and Gig Junkie aspires to be synonymous with everyone when they think of live music. By visiting you’ll be able to find out what gigs are coming up, promote your gigs, review the band you saw last night, or to tell Gig Junkie what you think.

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More – Hotels Near Concert Venues

  • August 18, 2008

ConcertHotels.comConcert Hotel’s primary aim is to help keen fans of music, theatre, and sporting events find suitable hotel accommodation near a wide range of venues across the US and the UK. ConcertHotels has partnered with some of the world’s leading hotel and ticket providers, including Priceline.

com and to provide user’s with a huge selection of events, venues, and hotels. Users can search by venue, artist, place, and hotel name, as well as submit hotel and venue reviews to aid future visitors to the site. Visitors may also book tickets to upcoming gigs. The internet is littered with hotel affiliate websites all advertising the same stock with the same content, none of which bring anything new to the table. Concert Hotels adds a new dimension, aiming to satisfy the needs of a specific genre of hotel bookers – those people who love to travel to live shows and sporting events.

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