Iscid.Org – Complexity Information And Design

  • June 23, 2008

Iscid.OrgIscid.Org is the website of the International Society for Complexity, Information and Design.

It is a cross-disciplinary professional society that investigates complex systems apart from external programmatic constraints like materialism, naturalism, or reductionism. The society provides a forum for formulating, testing, and disseminating research on complex system through critique, peer review, and publication. Its aim is to pursue the theoretical development, empirical application, and philosophical implications of information and design-theoretic concepts for complex systems. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: About Iscid, Society Fellows, The Journal, The Archive, Brainstorms, Society Events, Research Tools, Essay Contests, News and Features, Membership, Donation, and Member Services. In addition to archive and journal, the society sponsors various activities and programs, including conferences and symposia, brainstorms discussion forum, research bibliography, reading discussion groups, essay contests, and summer workshops. The society also provides members with various benefits unavailable to non-members. Iscid.Org

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