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  • November 12, 2008

ComplaintCommunity.comComplaintCommunity is a brand new, unique, dedicated web-based complaint management solution, and the only site that aims to service all interested parties in the complaint management process.

The site was built to try to cover all the complaint “bases”.

The website is unique in allowing you as an individual to post and manage your complaints online, as well as allowing you to join with a GroupComplaint – a unique tool that ComplaintCommunity offers.

The website offers the facility for a large group of people to manage their common complaint in a uniform manner to get the outcome you want making it sort of like a ‘class action’ but without all the legal bits. It also allows you to connect to the complainee directly, as well as other complainers, and dedicated Expert Advisers.

ComplaintCommunity isn’t just for customers to use for their complaints though, it’s also got a whole suite of custom-built tools to support all business’s to successfully manage their customers complaints. These have been developed to leading regulatory standards, such as FSA TCF guidelines.

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