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More – Engaging In Online Debates

  • November 25, 2009

Blogsabi.comOnline polls and voting sites are very widespread nowadays, but they have a tendency to be on the serious side. This doesn’t accommodate everybody’s tastes – it doesn’t accommodate the tastes of the Blogsabi team for sure.

These guys have decided to create a casual online environment where people can post, debate and vote on topics of their choice.

This platform for debates has built-in support for pictures and Youtube videos, and people can use these to add more substance to their views, or just to bring some tomfoolery along.

The way the site works does not merit any over-lengthy explanation – you sign up, activate your account and then start submitting new threads or participating in the ones that are already featured easily.

Ultimately, Blogsabi was created for people to stir up some light controversy and have a little competitive fun with each other. As they say, “no topic is too silly or too ridiculous”, so that if you want to start a debate about Princess Leia’s stunt double being actually prettier than her just go ahead. You are going to find some like-minded individuals for sure.

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