Awakening The Competitor Within: Jake Thompson

  • March 14, 2014

Compete every day. Now that’s a catchphrase easy to identify with for entrepreneurs – who probably know a thing or two about accelerated heart rates as well – so they should have no trouble fully appreciating lifestyle brand Compete Every Day. Athletic apparel, mobile app, and more, Compete Every Day has…

More – Hire Top Designers

  • November 10, 2011

BrandNinjas.comIt’s not often that small companies and emerging startups get a chance to build their brands like the big boys can, so having a site like around is something to be thankful for. BrandNinjas lets people have their own brands built by top designers from all over the world, paying what they can afford, and not a cent more. If you use this site, you can start a design contest and have designers compete among themselves. You define a budget, create a deadline, and artists will submit their own designs. You’ll then pick the best one and implement it. The artist will be paid, and he will also get a medal for his efforts.

There are actually three kind of medals available (bronze, silver and gold), with each adding more points to any artist’s cumulative score. This score can be compared with a belt rank, and artists on go all the way from white to black.

Obviously, each artist has also got a full portfolio that you can check as part of his profile, so that you get a much better understanding of what he can do (and what you can demand from him) right from the start.

So, this is a site that will let you hire the design services of some of the brightest artists worldwide to build your brand, without having to pay an arm and a leg. As I said at the beginning, it’s not often that people who are just getting started get such a chance, so if were you I would definitely give this site a good look.

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More – Have A More Exciting Life

  • November 4, 2011

LIFEtrophys.comGetting fit, learning a new language, saving money for a trip you’ve wanted to make your whole life… It doesn’t matter what you want to do, things are always easier if you’ve got your friends around. And if you can compete with them in a good-natured way, then you’re sure to get to where you want to end up much faster. certainly brings that to mind. It’s a site that lets you compete with all the people in your life, and earn rewards for completing tasks before they do. These tasks can be everything from traveling to Europe and getting a job at any company you all dream of working at, to getting married and having kids. The site leaves no kind of life challenge out. So, people with completely different concepts of what makes a life “exciting” can use this site, and enjoy it as intended.

Registration to LIFEtrophys costs nothing, and once you’ve created an account you’ll get a neat profile where all your points, rewards and achievements will go. And (something that’s very important) only the people you want to see all that information will get to see it.

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More – Battle Bands And Become More Popular

  • June 20, 2011

SoundSpar.comWhen you are in a band, it is only natural to think that you all are the best musicians in the whole wide world. I mean, it is impossible to walk on a stage night after night if you have doubts about your own excellence. The whole band has to tell itself that nobody even comes close. Yet, have you really got what it takes to conquer one stage after the other? This website is here to let you find that out.

On, bands and performers from throughout the world can take on each other. Musically, that is. Each band that is featured on the site can challenge any other to a popularity duel, and the outcome of such a duel will be decided by the votes of fans.

Theoretically-speaking, this should mean that the one band that has a larger number of followers on social sites is the one that will walk from the fray holding its head up high.

It is an interesting concept, and one that seems ready-made for this age in which sites like Facebook and Twitter define and nurture the way in which punters connect with those they support.

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More – Open Photo Contests

  • April 17, 2011

PhotoRush.comSimply put, PhotoRush is where people who are keen on photography can realize how good they really are at it. How? By taking part of competitions to which people from all over the world are welcome, and whose winners are chosen both by other users and a pro jury. enables users to upload their images to the site, and have them placed in as many different galleries as they feel would make them justice. And they can choose which competitions from the many that are constantly announced on the site they want to take part of, and have their photos entered into them at no cost. The only requisite for competing on is being a registered member of the site.

Still, it is not entirely impossible to take part of competitions without having an account. A series of daily contests are held on PhotoRush, and these can be joined even by those who have no PhotoRush account to go with. These should be enough to give anybody more than a hint of how everything works.

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More – Play Quizzes On Twitter

  • January 25, 2011

TwtQuiz.comTwtQuizz is a web-hosted application that lets people play quizzes on Twitter. Anybody will be able to take on his friends and contacts, and see who is more knowledgeable when it comes to celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, as well as some of the most remarkable products and companies of the day such as Facebook.

These quizzes can actually be submitted by users. So, if you have a minute or two and you really want to test the knowledge of fellow twitterers and tell those who are green from those who really know their stuff then you will be able to do that right away. Just build up your very own quiz and have it submitted.

There is not a lot more to say about this site, other than it is free to use and that you are not required to register in order to begin using it. Your Twitter handle and password will do the trick.

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More – Create Your Own Music Video Channel

  • November 19, 2010

ClipClash.comAre you the kind who keeps on lamenting how lame MTV has become? Do you think that if you had the resources for creating a music channel of your very own then that would give the famed music channel a run for its money? Well, ClipClash is a site that gives you that very same opportunity. And it also gives you an added thrill, as the site is actually a community one.

On ClipClash, you will be able to come up with a channel highlighting the hottest music video content around, and compete with other people who are doing exactly the same thing. The ones who manage to come up with the channels that have more visitors are eligible for real life prizes.

A ClipClash channel can be started at no cost. You can sign up for the service in just a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can authenticate who you are using your Facebook credentials. If you go for the latter option, you might as well tell all your social network friends about the service and get ready for some really fun video-oriented competitions.

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More – Where Studying Becomes A Game

  • October 20, 2010

Gradega.meThe best way to motivate someone who seems to lack focus to do something is by making it all resemble a game. The problem is that there are some things that (by their mere nature) can’t mesh with the overall concept of recreation. Studying is one of these. Or is it?

The ones who have created this startup would be inclined to disagree. Named Grade Game, it aims to make studying and game-playing occupy the very same square.

Those who use this site will have a chance to compete with their classmates based on their grades. As a matter of fact, they will be able to compete with students from the whole educational institution they attend.

As a service, Grade Game is primarily aimed at University students. I am a little surprised by that – elementary and secondary students would be a much better demographic for something like this, if only because those who are younger are even more partial to playing games. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see in which direction this startup is headed, and whether other demographics begin being targeted or not.

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More – Turning Gmail Into A Game

  • September 22, 2010

0Boxer.comYou might like this site or not, but you can’t deny that the idea is quite original. Basically, 0 Boxer is a service that turns Gmail into a game in which you are rewarded for performing specific actions.

For example, if you reply to the emails that you have received you will get points. And you will also be rewarded if you archive and/or delete them.

The idea is that you will compete with your friends in order to see who has the most organized inbox. And a leaderboard is also featured on the main page, letting you compete with just everybody.

Future updates are going to introduce badges into the gaming dynamics of the site. These will be awarded to the ones who conquer certain milestones, and they will obviously make the whole competition much funnier.

In any case, it must be said that a service like 0 Boxer goes well beyond being a mere game. Something like it can be used to develop more ordered email habits. Just think about the pile of emails that one usually leaves unanswered, and how that hinders productivity. Using 0 Boxer might just let us all start changing these habits and start adopting a more productive frame of mind.

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More – Comprehensive Website Information

  • August 5, 2010

WorthySite.comWorthy Site is one of these useful resources that let you know all there is to know about any website that you might be interested in, either because you are a webmaster who is planning on expanding his current portfolio, or because you want to see how your competitors are doing in terms of traffic. In either case, Worthy Site will let you have a clearer idea of how any site stands by providing you with comprehensive information about its traffic, its backlinks, the number of indexed pages… all that data is available by merely furnishing a site’s URL when prompted.

The results will be a combination of the data that is available in many separate resources such as Alexa and Compete at the same time.

And the site is wrapped up by a collection of webmaster tools, along with a list of the top hosting providers (complete with ratings), so that budding webmasters will be provided with more than just an overview of these sites that they are interested in – they will actually be pointed to these resources that they could employ to improve their existing sites.

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More – A New Approach To Real Estate

  • July 27, 2010

CashbackBids.comA brand-new service, Cashback Bids has the objective of letting users get the highest cashback and listing commission discounts from their local Real Estate agents in a novel way: by approaching the whole process as if it were an auction. That is, on the site people who are looking into buying or selling property can create a cashback and/or listing commission auction and then receive bids from local Real Estate agents.

Buyers/sellers can then proceed to select the best offer and effectively save money by maximizing their cashback and commission discounts.

Auctions can be created anonymously, and a 3-step wizard will guide you along the way. The process entails little more than creating the auction, receiving bids and comparing them in an entirely intuitive setting. Also, auctions are created without commitments – creating an auction doesn’t bind you legally to use the services of any Real Estate agent that approaches you.

The information that you have to supply when creating the auction consists of the kind of property that you intend to buy or sell, its location, the number of bedrooms and the price you have in mind for the auction page to be generated and listed.

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More – A Platform For Competitive Shopping

  • May 10, 2010

Sellmoo.comIf you are looking for auction sites online, you will find a useful option to consider. This is the official website of SellMoo, a company specialized in online auctions and online bidding. This site was created to give you the chance to buy online at affordable products. Many users stop by this site to search for anything they are interested in with just a click.

Moreover, will be helpful for you to find gift cards for sale and win gift cards you can use in online auctions. In addition, this site will let you take part in live auctions online for free. What is more, you can bid on penny auctions in the best auction sites online.

Remember this site next time you want to find penny auctions online. Are you interested in getting American Express gift cards? Then, you will find a good site to visit.

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More – Networking For Sportsmen

  • April 15, 2010

Beta.Adreeno.comAdreeno is a social networking site that is geared towards sportsmen and those who are keen on active lifestyles. Naturally, all the basic functions like messaging each other and sharing media are taken into account, and the site places a lot of value on promoting competitions among members of the network.

After all, is there a more competitive audience than sportsmen?

These events are announced on the main page, and as you can imagine extensive coverage is provided afterwards on what went down, who won and who should have stayed at the gym doing pushups. And by taking part of events, users actually earn points and trophies that can then be proudly displayed.

As you can see, this network is quite distinctive owing to the emphasis it places on offscreen interaction. Unfortunately, I am not what you could call athletic so I am afraid I am excluded of mostly anything that goes on here. But if you can tell a different story, give it a look by any and all means.

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More – Turn YouTube Into A Battlefield

  • April 15, 2010

YouTourney.comThe idea behind this site is quite easy to apprehend: it turns YouTube into a battlefield into which videos are pitched one against the other, and people vote on the one who they like best.

That is, through the site anybody can choose two videos (say, one with the best footage of Mike Tyson on the ring and another with footage of George Foreman) and have everybody vote for “the winner”.

The site is self-defined as the place where you can create video tournaments, and I think that from what has been just explained we all agree that is 100 % accurate.

A system like this one will let you compare everything from music performances and official videos to movie trailers and the top moments of any sport you are partial to. Of course, nothing prevents you from making a totally incongruous comparison when you are bored, like pitching a video of Lady Gaga against a speech by some figurehead you can’t stand. The potential for fun of this site is quite high, and I can guarantee you that the results will speak for themselves when they come.

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More – Everything About Any Website

  • November 9, 2009

Surcentro.comThe internet is a limitless universe of information where you can find many new websites being constantly launched. However, it is not very clear if all of them are completely trustable or not.

What would you do in order to check their background to evacuate your queries about their reliability?

The most logical thing to do would be using a system that permits you to learn about anything you want in relation to any new website in a detailed fashion. In this way you would get the site’s figures to decide if you can trust it or not.

That is why is a good place for you to find information concerning any site’s page rank, indexed pages and number of visitors. And in case you want to glance at Alexa and Compete graphs you will have the chance to do that here, too.

The site is very simple – you just need to enter the URL you want to be informed about and that’s it. Clear and uncomplicated, this is a good way to find out which websites are the truly reliable ones.

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More – A Social Network For Sport Lovers

  • November 5, 2009

SoPlayMe.comThis is a new social network that is bound to appeal to the ones who are keen on sports. In addition to the capability of interacting online which defines each and every networking site that has surfaced ever since Facebook started making headlines, this network encourages offline interaction.

That is, it motivates users to compete against each other in the real world. In that respect, we could say the site is a social networking spot for the ones who like to be truly competitive – they will have a ready chance to see if the claims made online are effectively translated offscreen.

All the usual rules and features of social sites apply – the user creates a profile, and he can start adding friends. And whenever games are played in the real world against other sports lovers the result can be registered on the site. A rank will eventually be developed for all to see, and those who do well will make it to the leaderboard

As a conclusion, the site has a specific appeal and it will no doubt be of interest to the public it is aimed at. Sports players are naturally competitive – it is in their essence. A resource which lets them see who is really who in terms of performance can but engage them.

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More – A New Way To Play Music Online

  • August 5, 2009

JamLegend.comCan you be named a Guitar Hero adept? Should that be the case this new platform will keep you rocking your nights away. Its tagline is “Music gaming unleashed”, and that is the exact truth of it, as it lets you noodle along using the WWW.

You can play tournaments and challenge your friends for one-on-one duels. You can challenge them through e-mail and IM. Social networks will also be taken into account sometime down the line.

As it is only fit for a resource which is based on competition and progress, the top users are individualized in the section that is named “The Jam Legends”. You can also see the most active users by day, week, or ever since the site went live, and figure out how much you will have to keep on climbing to reach the top of the pecking order.

On the other hand, artists can use this platform to promote their music. A link is provided for applying more or less instantly. Besides providing the obvious contact information, the one other requisite is supplying a link to a sample of any original composition.

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More – Test Your Typing Skillz

  • April 25, 2008

TypeRacer.comRemember when typing was an elective in school? You’d have to spend hours learning “asdf jkl;” and everything in between. The games were fun—racing cars, shooting bugs, or what have you.

Before you knew, you were typing admin speed at 50+ WPM. Now there’s a new web-based typing tool for those of you needing a little typing practice or for those just wanting a little afternoon entertainment. It’s called TypeRacer. You can start out by practicing and typing movie quotes are book quotes. Make a typo, and you’ll have to fix it. By the end of the race, you’ll get your score in WPM. If you’re feeling brave, you can race against others. High scores are listed. Try beating 217 WPM.

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More -The mafia game

  • February 25, 2008 -The mafia gameHave you seen The Godfather a dozen times? Would you like to be a part of the mafia? As it would be pretty dangerous and hard in real life, you can have some fun and enjoy pretending to be a mafia person by playing Mafia Death on line. On this web page you will have the possibility of joining different mafia games where the main goal will be destroying all your opponents and reaching to the top of the organization.

In order to became a participant and having the possibility of being a part of these games you will have to sing up and become a member of the web page. You can find out who where the last game winners and also take a look at some scary looking pictures of the players. Join this site and start enjoying of the mafia life! -The mafia game

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More – ScreenShots Battle Off

  • December 14, 2007 is a site where screenshots of different sites battle.

When you visit the site you are presented with two screenshots of different, click on the one you find most attractive. Two new screenshots will them battle off after and you can continue to battle until you loose interest. If you cannot decide which screenshot is better you can declare a draw. There are lists you can browse through such as the best and worst lists. When you visit these lists you can view information on the screenshots. Each screen shot as statistics. When you click on a screenshot you can see its rank, how many battles it won, when it was submitted, the sites address, any comments made, and you can even subscribe to updates on about the site. You can also look at screenshots by tag. Decide which screenshot is most attractive at

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