Get The Lowdown On The Land Down Under: 457VisaCompared

  • September 20, 2013

Historically, Australia has been associated with adorable marsupials and blond guys with strange talents for taming terrifying animals. But for a growing number of people, the Land Down Under is starting to represent something else. Beers and barbies are making way for some pretty impressive statistics…


4 Tech Investments Startups Should Splurge On

  • September 11, 2013

No matter how you slice it, launching a startup is a major expense. It can be tempting to cut corners by paying less for certain business necessities. But don’t go too crazy with the budget blade, especially when it comes to technology and your website’s infrastructure. Experience shows that companies that…

More – Compare The Economy Of Countries

  • March 12, 2012

TheGlobalEconomy.comWe keep complaining about how bad things are here in America, we keep saying that the economy is in absolute shambles. But what about the rest of the world? We’re not the only country that’s going through its fair share of problems. And (as always) we complain about the things that are happening to us because we just have no idea how bad things are elsewhere. Well, this new site is here to fix that. It shows you what the economy in other parts of the world is like, so that the next time you feel like cursing out loud you can put things into a finer perspective. brings together graphs and reports for countries spanning just the whole world. Europe, South America, Asia, Africa… you can choose the country you’re interested in from a drop down box, and then learn about everything from its imports, its exports and its inflation to its unemployment rate and its life expectancy. All the information is clearly laid out, and estimations can be easily made.

And a tool that lets you have any two countries in the world compared side by side is also featured. If you’re a parent and you have to help your kids do such a thing as part of their homework, then this site offers the speediest way for having everything compared.

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More – Compare Printing Prices

  • January 30, 2012

Whatever it is that you do for a living, whether you have your own business, offer professional services, or an employee in some company, you’ll certainly come across the need of having to use some printing services. is a portal that lists every business which is offering that service, so that you can compare prices after getting an idea of all your possible options.

Maybe you will need a business card, or brochures to promote your travel agency, as well as flyers, posters, or leaflets. Whatever it is you need, you can check to decide which company provides the more convenient service in relation to your needs. Maybe the cheaper option is not that good for you because it is far away from where you are, whilst a more costly one will save you a lot of time which in turn will also mean more earnings. developed a powerful comparison engine that will cover every service in the UK concerning print technologies. Their goal, if not achieved already, is to be the largest online platform in this field.

The site is organized in the usual top horizontal menu which takes you to every section of the site, with a “Home” button to take you back to the landing page after you have browsed through the site, the classic “About Us” description about their business, and the “Comparison” section. This latter one is of course, the essential option to enjoy the site’s service. A “FAQ” button is included for you to have every one of your doubts answered, and “Careers” if you are interested in being a part of the company’s work team.

If you are a print service provider, maybe you’ll be interesting in submitting your profile to and be included in their database. This will certainly take more clients to your business.

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More – Compare Universities Online

  • November 21, 2011

UniversityTwig.comA site that makes the difficult decision of which University to attend easier, can be used both by people living in America and by foreigners planning on moving to the country. On this site, you can have both US and UK universities compared just by making it clear how much you can spend. This service is provided free of charge, and the results it can provide are always up-to-date.

In order to have universities compared, you must supply your name, your date of birth and your email. And then, you have to provide your education background. You’ll be able to set down your budget, by answering the vital question of “How much are you planning to pay?”.

Taking all that information into account, is going to point you to these universities that could be a perfect match. From there, it’ll be a simple question of doing some more research on your own (a site like The University Review might be of help) before finally applying to the one that seems more suitable.

And it’s important to mention that can also compare universities providing online courses. So, the appeal of the site is really worldwide.

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More – Compare Medical Providers

  • October 17, 2011

OkCopay.comA search engine for providers of medical services, OkCopay is going to let you not only find healthcare professionals right where you live, but also have them compared side by side, and to read their qualifications in order to have a thorough understanding of who you’re going to hire. All you have to do is to pick the one service that you’re after from the more than ten which are provided, pick the kind of procedure that applies and then specify where it is you’re located by supplying your ZIP code. That, and the mile radius that you want too have searched.

On the whole, OkCopay makes for comparing healthcare professionals that can provide more than 70 of the most common medical procedures in the United States of America. Dental, vision, imaging, lab tests, vaccines, clinics, cosmetic and fertility procedures can all be instantly compared on this site, and the idea is not just to remove the ever-present mystery of pricing for patients, but also to improve reimbursement rates for doctors. The site is bound to let those who think that some procedures are out of their reach realize how affordable or not they really happen to be.

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More – Compare Book Prices

  • October 11, 2011

AddAll.comBuilt by book buyers for book buyers, strives to find the best deals on books online. The AddAll website helps shoppers search for the lowest prices on books from 41 different online bookstores in just one click. Prices may be displayed in the currency selected by the user, and any applicable sales tax and shipping charges are also shown by Shoppers may compare not only prices by also delivery times for the books they are searching for on the AddAll site. For folks searching for multiple books, they can use the “memo” function on the website to keep track of the deals they find on various books. users can search for books by title, ISBN, author, or keyword and have their results displayed in any one of over 20 different currencies. The AddAll website also features an Out of Print Books search tool as well as search for used books, magazines, music, movies, and ebooks. For used and out of print books, users of the site may search by author, title, keyword (and keyword exclusion), ISBN, price, and response time. They may also select specific stores to check or simply choose to search all stores. For Firefox users, AddAll offers a search plug-in which allows them to search from the toolbar on their browser.

Users of the AddAll website can additionally customize their search results page with different font sizes and personalized colors to help ensure that their search results are easy to read and fit their specific needs. Another added feature of is the “Random quotes” option which randomly selects famous quotes to share with the website visitor. also accepts suggestions and requests for additional features as well as the addition of other bookstores to their search results, especially those carrying hard-to-find and out-of-print books.

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More – Web Services Compared

  • September 4, 2011

CompareWebsiteServices.comComparing reviews of software applications and services by yourself certainly takes time, but what can make the whole process just too hard to handle is how difficult some reviews can be to contextualize. It’s no good knowing that Jack Smith thinks Magento is the coolest service in the world if you have no idea what he thinks about other services, and that includes not only the ones that compete directly with Magento but also services which are not directly related to it. Unless the person who’s written the review has come with a marvellously detailed piece, you won’t be getting a true understanding of how similar he is to you. And if that isn’t coming through, then you won’t trust what you’re reading that systematically.

This new site aims to solve that frequent problem. On, you can read reviews and see comparison charts for mostly any kind of web service and application. Web hosts, online video players, membership scripts, payment processors… it’s all already compared on this site. You get to know how much everything costs, and which its pros and cons are. Picking the one that could meet your exact demands and (more importantly) your budget is simplified to no end.

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More – Compare Credit Cards

  • August 10, 2011

Banksnob.comThere?s more than a handful of sites letting you have different credit cards compared (CreditHit and CardFusion spring to mind), but these sites have got quite a drawback that might not be apparent at all. You see, they only let you compare US credit cards. You will get to know as much the moment you are getting ready to travel abroad for the first time, and you want to have different credit cards and bank accounts compared. There are no sites letting you do that quickly and easily.

Well, that’s what Banksnob is here to set to right. This new credit card comparison website makes a clear effort to be as international as possible, and (as a result) more than 30 different territories the world over are already covered. European and South American countries are extensively featured, along with countries from Oceania and Asia. The site lets users compare credit cards, checking accounts, saving accounts and fixed deposits. All they have to do is specify exactly where they are located, and what they want to have exactly compared for Banksnob to produce a list with all the best available options, arranged in a descending order.

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More – Search Google And Bing Together

  • July 6, 2011

SearchLion.comSearchLion presents itself as a new method of searching the Internet for information. It follows in the steps of these aggregators that let you visualize results from sites such as Bing and Google in the same page, but it takes a definitely bold step forward since it lets you delve on such results without having to open a separate page to take a closer look at any of them. That is, this new service lets you open the pages that you get as results using an interface that puts an end to having to open separate tabs and having to keep going forwards and backwards in order to have everything compared. On SearchLion you are going to see everything side by side, and you will get to realize which site is packed with better information on the spot.

And that is a different way to search the Internet indeed. It is not different in the sense of using an algorithm of its very own in order to produce results. Rather, it is different inasmuch it contextualizes what is already out there in a way of its very own. And I have the certainty that a sizable number of Internet users will find this alternative way of approaching results more than fruitful Check the site out to learn if you are one of them.

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More – Compare Cloud Hosting Providers

  • June 21, 2011

Cloudorado.comIf looking for the best cloud hosting provider is taking you just too long, and (worse still) the whole process seems to have no end in sight, then your best bet is to resort to a service like this one. Cloudorado is a comparison engine for such service providers. And it is a really good one at that, as the site will let you find the provider suiting your every need in a truly intuitive way. The site features a series of sliders that users can employ to set down their exact RAM, HDD and CPU requirements. Once they have specified that, a list of suitable IaaS cloud providers will be produced. And if none seems to meet the requirements of users, then they can simply use the sliders to change the original search criteria. The results will be instantly updated.

And those who want to get really specific can do so. The site makes for setting down the duration of the subscription plan itself, and the transfer rates in question. These can be set down as minutely as the user wishes – he will be able to specify the exact amount of data he expects to receive and send out, and ensure he is never running short or slow when it comes to the big crunch.

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More – Web Hosts Compared

  • June 5, 2011

HostMeasureUp.comIf you are thinking about launching your very own site, the hosting service you will choose should never be an afterthought. This might sound entirely obvious, but the truth remains that some people focus solely on the actual design of the site (IE, which logos to use, which banners to have displayed…) and pay little attention to something as pivotal as where the site will actually be hosted. Well, this new resource should be enough to make things easier for everybody.

Essentially, is where web hosts are compared side by side. They are pitched one against the other and measured in tons of different ways. The available rack spaces, the bandwidth they can provide, how much they charge for their services… that is the kind of information can weigh up. And all that information is provided in a clear, easy-to-understand way, and the database is updated whenever new hosts come along. And the information is also refreshed whenever any of the hosts that are already featured changes the services it renders (IE, how much it charges, the actual servers that are used…).

So, the site provides all the information that could help you pick the best hosting service the first time around, and also know which ones happen to supersede it in efficacy as time goes by. And all that information can be browsed without having to sign up first, so that it could effectively be said that this is a useful resource bar none.

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More – Objective Product Comparisons

  • May 16, 2011

Pikimal.comThe people who have created Pikimal define it as a decision engine that lets users search for products or topics, and then have the facts and specifications of each compared side by side. That is what you will have compared here: facts and specifications, data that is objectively measurable.

Virtually everything can be compared like this, and the site has actually got enough categories as to turn carrying comparisons into something fast-enough to please even the most exigent users. Destinations, Electronics, Software, Beverages, Health & Beauty, Home Appliances… if it is anything that is bought by people with even some kind of frequency then it is bound to be listed on the site.

And when it comes to looking for anything directly, a search tool will let you ask what the best alternative for anything is. This search tool will also let you find about the best alternatives within certain price ranges – it is just a matter of keying in the amount that you are willing to fork out.

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More – Compare Hotel Prices

  • May 11, 2011

Comparior.comA new comparison engine for hotels and hostels, this site will let people who have never travelled abroad in their lives ensure they will be getting the kind of deals that only seasoned travellers know how to get.

On Comparior, the rates charged by hotels and hostels can be placed side by side just by supplying the destination you are headed to, the check-in and check-out dates and the number of people who are travelling with you.

Over 2.400.000 destinations the world over are covered, and for each hotel that is featured on the Comparior database you will be able to read at least a good couple of user reviews. And you will able to contribute your own to the database, too.

The site highlights both selected hotels and top destinations from all around the world. The respective lists are provided on the homepage, and as far as selected hotels are concerned then you are told how much they charge from the very beginning.

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More – Compare Prices & Save Money

  • February 4, 2011

Ewelike.comDo we need yet more price comparison engines? It seems some people really think we do. And that is why sites such as Ewelike keep on being released.

A user of Ewelike is enabled to check the prices of these products he is keen on getting by simply searching for them using the provided interface. If an item is indeed found, he will get to know exactly where to buy it at the best possible price.

But for an item to be found, it has to fall into any of the product categories that are supported. These include movies (both on DVD and Blu-ray), music CDs and DVDs, books, video games and perfumes.

And while it is true that the site offers no novel service in itself, it is also true that it has enough configuration options to make using it a very pleasurable experience. For example, users are enabled to set down the currency (or currencies) that they want to use, and they can also filter stores out. This means that if they have had a bad experience at any retailer in the past (or if they know of someone who has been burned) then they can simply make that retailer vanish from their search results altogether.

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More – Compare eBay & Amazon Prices

  • January 27, 2011

AVIGeeks.comAVI Geeks is a price comparison website that will let you find out which vendor is preferable from the two that dominate online transactions today: eBay and Amazon.

This is accomplished by individualizing the product that you are keen on getting (a drop down menu is provided) and then seeing how much is charged at either marketplace for that item. When you have made up your mind, it is a mere matter of purchasing the product as you would always do when buying something through Amazon or eBay, IE placing the bid/order, checking out…

The featured product categories include Televisions, Home Audio, Monitors, Computers, Printers… the list is a long one. It is safe to say that most electronics you could think of will be comparable and eventually purchasable through AVI Geeks. Just give the site a try right now and see whether or not it can help you find the product you want at the best prices. Chances are it will.

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More – For The Comparison Of Fonts

  • December 19, 2010

FontComparer.comThe usage of strange fonts should be taken with a pinch of salt. For example, if you are ever submitting a MS to a publisher you should always play it safe, and go for something like Times New Roman – something easy on the eye. And this applies to all kind of manuscripts. I know a few people who are into vampire novels who always pick gothic-derived characters for their MSS. They never hear back from anybody. No wonder. Let the actual quality of your writing impress the publishers, folks.

But you might, however, go for such typefaces in order to emblazon the cover of your MS. And if you want to be truly original, this is a site that could help you out.

As its name suggests, it is an online resource for the quick comparison of fonts. All you have to do is type some text into the box that is provided, and start comparing the several alternatives that will begin popping up. At any time you can change the color used in the actual fonts, the color of the background, the shading of the text… Coming up with something original will just be a matter of time.

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More – Learn If You Are Underpaid

  • December 6, 2010

WhatSalary.comThe first thing you must do before going to the boss and ask for a raise in pay is to know exactly how much people who hold your same position in other companies are earning. That might seem obvious, but there are many people who bypass that completely, only to make fools of themselves in the end.

This site will let you avoid making that very same blunder. What Salary provides extensive information on how much people are earning all over the country. And these figures are reliable for the simple fact that they are submitted by users.

Plus, the site lets you have companies compared side by side. You can pitch Google Vs Yahoo, Microsoft Vs Apple, IBM Vs Hewlett-Packard… the list goes on and on. And you can likewise have careers compared on the spot. Simply pick the two you want and off you go.

And the site is wrapped by a series or informative articles dealing with perennial topics such as how to become a freelancer, lists of serious salary negotiation mistakes and more.

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More – Car Insurance Quotes

  • November 18, 2010

CheapCarInsuranceQuotes.comWho on Earth compares car insurance quotes manually when there are sites like this one available? On you can simply input your ZIP Code for a straightforward comparison process to be launched. You will be requested to fill out only one form, and when you have done so you will receive up to 5 different offers to weigh up.

This form includes all the information that you can imagine – IE, information appertaining to the general condition of the vehicle and you as its driver. You will likewise be requested to specify the coverage that you are aiming for. And if your vehicle is already insured, then you will have to make that clear too. But that is basically it, and once you have supplied all that information you will be able to start comparing and contrasting the options provided by all the different insurers in the State you have specified. And you will be able to save as much as 40 %, too.

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More – A Better Way To Buy A Car Online

  • November 11, 2010

PSCars.comThere is no end to the ways in which the Internet revolutionizes shopping processes. A case in point: the PS Cars website.

Here, people who are thinking about buying a car will be able to research it in minute detail using a virtual reality system that will produce a 3D representation of the vehicle in question.

Moreover, the user will be able to configure the car of his dreams and add all the accessories that he wants. And when he has finished, he can make this dream car public and begin receiving quotes by vendors.

In practice, this virtual shopping platform works as good as it sounds. It is almost like stepping into the dealership and checking vehicles in person.

Both new and used cars can be found through the site. It is even possible to choose from exotic and luxury brands, too. In that sense, PS Cars is sure to cover the needs of even the most exigent buyers around. And the site is excellently rounded by a series of practical automotive links and news.

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