Company of Heroes

More – Darker, More Brutal War

  • June 11, 2008

CompanyOfHeroesGame.comWhen you enter this site, you are greeted by sound fx resembling the faraway sounds of shots in a battlefield, so you can quickly set yourself in the mood of this real-time strategy game which takes back users to the war-ridden battlefields of mid-century Europe to play as part of the British 2nd Army against the German Panzers, or viceversa. Company of Heroes was released last year, and by visiting this site, users will be able to learn all about this game, view profile for the characters, weapons and tanks for each army, and also take a look at screenshots and trailers.

The game is designed to be played on PC, and you can find links to buy the CD from online retailers in the site, alongside with graphics and mobile content downloads. Care to meet other Company of Heroes enthusiasts? Visit the community of players hosted by the site to discover forums and a directory of game-related sites of interest. Since the game is rated for 17+ audiences due to extreme violence, you can only enter the site after providing data about your age.

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