7 Ways To Save Money On Your Office Space

  • May 20, 2014

If you’re planning to build a cool office space to impress visitors, just don’t do it! All of our furniture is used, and while our basement space is funky, it’s mostly just functional and cheap. It’s number 18 on our list of monthly expenses. We haven’t spent much on decor, but we do have a few video and…


Spot On Time: Getting There Just Got Easier

  • March 20, 2014

We all got places to be, and presumably a timeframe in which we need to be there. We also know that getting to said places is not just a question of point A to point B (though it does bring back memories of Mapquest) it is a product of mentally balancing calendars with projected travel time, traffic…


Commuting A Drag? Enliven The Ride With TransitChatter

  • April 17, 2013

I don’t hold anything against all the people on their way to work listening to music through their headphones, content in their private worlds. I’ve been there many times myself, happy to tune out and enjoy a last few minutes undisturbed. Still, I’ve often thought that it’s a little sad that everyone is…

More – Mobile Alerts For Commuters

  • April 8, 2011

Travalert.comThere is nothing more aggravating than missing your bus stop because you have fallen asleep. It makes no difference where it was you were headed to (although it is all particularly terrible if you fell asleep when going to work), such a situation is sure to get your whole day to a bad start.

Well, someone has devised an application to prevent that from happening any more. It is named Travalert, and you are reading about it now.

Travalert works by waking you up whenever you are near your destination, as determined by the GPS of your phone. It does so either by vibrating the phone, or by playing a song from your music library – whatever you know will work out best for you. If there is nothing that would make you jump through the roof like the opening riff to Layla, then just set that as your alarm.

Travalert is a paid app. It is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.

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More – Accident Reports On Your Phone

  • March 31, 2011

TrafficAmigo.comTraffic Amigo is a new web service that can let any commuter know about accidents which could delay him on his way to work. This is done via SMS – all that the person has to do is specify the city he is in, and the time of day he wants to receive traffic alerts. A daily text message will then be sent, at the time he has selected.

Signing up for Traffic Amigo is done by supplying the phone number that the messages will be sent to, and by picking the relevant city from a drop down menu which already has most major American cities. And once an account has been created, then the user can sign out of the whole system by replying with the words QUIT to any alert that he has received.

This service is good as it stands, but it will be all the more interesting when email alerts also become deliverable. And extended timezone support is also meant to be added in a future update.

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More – Carpooling With Coworkers & Classmates

  • November 11, 2010

Ridaroo.comWe can define Ridaroo is a web-based application that allows University students and employees to form (and manage) carpools with their classmates and coworkers.

Such a thing is done privately within each University or organization, and separate instances ensure the safety of the students and coworkers in question.

Those who sign up for this service become findable by the relevant people only (IE, someone on the opposite end of the country is not going to find them). That is made possible because only the ones who have the relevant passcode can access the corresponding carpooling community, and look each other up.

Besides, the search process itself is helped by an intelligent matching technology that lets commuters find the right people for the right carpool.

Private organizations, governmental agencies and universities can fill out the registration form that is provided on the site in order to start seeing how such a service can be implemented for the benefit of everybody.

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More – A Practical Ride Matching System

  • October 1, 2010

RideShark.comRide Shark is a matching service for commuters. It will let them find buddies for making the journey to and from work more enjoyable, and also more economic.

Five different ride matching services are provided in total: “Carpooling”, “Vanpooling”, “Bike Buddy”, “Walking Buddy” and “Transit Buddy”. The matching process itself is as easy as specifying where it is you are and the point you have to get to for the application to come up with a suitable list of matches in which only active users are going to be included.

And the whole process is considerably simplified by the fact that Google Maps and Microsoft Earth Maps are extensively employed. Pinpointing locations and destinations couldn’t possibly be any simpler.

Besides, the safety of users is ensured by the constant checking of addresses, emails and all the kind of information that guarantees people are who they claim to be.

There are four editions of Ride Shark currently available: “Metro”, “Corporate”, “Campus” and “TMA / Cluster”. This means that mostly every kind of corporation or entity will be able to implement this service and benefit its members to no end.

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More – Traffic Reports Powered By Users

  • September 30, 2010

TrafficTalk.infoA service which is quite clever, Traffic Talk will let commuters know all that there is to know about the traffic lying ahead, and pick up the roads that will help them get to their destinations faster.

“But don’t we have traffic maps that already do that?”, I hear you say.

The answer is yes… and no. As a service, Traffic Talk is entirely powered by users; it is truly a “People-Powered Traffic Information Service” as its creators so aptly put it on the website.

Using Traffic Talk can be compared to joining a live conference environment in which everybody is sharing information about the traffic conditions of the place where is located now, or that he has been to just a couple of minutes before.

And Traffic Talk is a voice-based mobile service. It won’t increase your chances of having an accident in any way or the other. You will be able to keep you eyes on the road at all times while you are listening to the conversation, and making your own contributions to it.

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More – Letting Commuters Make A Connection

  • August 31, 2010

Bumped.inAt its core, is a community for people on the move.

The ones who created it thought about the many people we cross paths with on a daily basis, and how they could actually enrich our lives if we actually interacted with them. Hence, this site was born. It will let us connect with that people and get to know them better.

The dynamics of the site are as follows. Upon signing up (or logging in via Facebook Connect) you will be able to add your itinerary, and create a digital travel log. Each travel log is named a “Bump Wall”, and this “Bump Wall” is where all your updates are going to be featured once you have set off. These can include photos and notes that will let others know more about you.

One of the big pluses of is that it lets you make public both your daily commutes and any voyage that you are to undertake; both train rides and flights can be detailed through the site. But the idea is the same in both cases: letting you find people that will make every step of the journey a more amenable one.

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More – A Social Site For Subway Commuters

  • April 30, 2010

SubMate.comI don’t know how likely is SubMate to succeed (let alone cause a sensation), but you have to give it credit for being a little different from the usual crop of social sites that bring nothing new to the table and that are forgotten as soon as they launch.

SubMate is a social resource that is aimed at those who travel by subway every day.

Apparently, the site was conceived because the programmers felt that such people always had lonesome expressions. The premise is to let these individuals be in contact with others and commute in a livelier (and also more human) way. This is done by telling our friends at which time we are getting on the subway so that they can try and catch up with us.

Statistically-speaking, something that is as specific as this site can never be a dazzling success. And the fact that you can coordinate everything with your friends equally easy by sending out a SMS is also too obvious. But I really appreciate sites that aim to blow some fresh air into something as stuffy as the social networking scene, a scene dominated by endless sites doing the same thing that are released one after the other.

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More – Tweets About Your Daily Commute

  • August 24, 2009

CommuTweet.comAt its heart, CommuTweet is a Twitter-related application that enables anybody to post and find tweets appertaining to his or her daily commute. This include not only road accidents but also delays in subways and trains.

This way, vital information can be procured and acted upon. As they say on the site, “Our goal is to provide real time information to commuters by using community’s power”.

As a service, it is rendered free of charge. All that the user has to do is sign in using his Twitter particulars, enter his method of commute and the location, and then the relevant tweets will be produced for him or her to peruse.

Currently CommuTweet is only available in the United States but the programmers told me it is going to be available in more countries as soon as possible. Let’s see how that evolves, and which territories are covered next as it is a truly useful service. For the time being, US residents can reach out the site at the provided address, and keep it in mind for ulterior reference at all times.

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More – A Carpool Community

  • March 26, 2009

Zimride.comZimride is a provider of online social rideshare services. Using it you can find a carpooling match anywhere within the territory of the US.

The platform combines social networking elements with Google Maps technology and a ride matching algorithm that has been developed by the company.

An account can be created for free, and a search tool will let you find a ride for any purpose – regular commutes and one-time trips are fully accounted for along with cab shares.

Moreover, the site includes a series of programs and plans that cater for different contexts. For instance, they go by names like “University Carpool Edition” and “Corporate Carpool Edition”. There is also a service that makes for event & venue integration that will be of great help to venues and coordinators of events.

The aim of such a system is clearly to modify and reshape the way we approach transportation and create a more efficient system for all concerned parties. The site has grown exponentially ever since it went live, and if you want to give it a try chances are you will find the service compelling.

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More – Commuting Made Simple

  • October 1, 2008

RideSpring.comRideSpring is a web service that has the objective of turning commuting into a more flexible experience, thus alleviating what’s the worst part of a workman’s daily routine. Basically, RideSpring provides enterprises with a company-focused system that personalizes the experience.

This system matches carpool partners at work, with all the advantages this entails. In addition to that, the use of alternative, environment-friendly commute modes is rewarded via the incentives which are described on the main page of the site.

The website lists the advantages of such an endeavor both for commuters and for employers under the relevant headings. The former can cut their commute cost and share the daily chore of driving to and from work (not to mention getting to know the other work partners even better in the process), whereas the latter benefit from a system which is implemented easily, almost without administrative work.

The RideSpring system comes complete with a Commute Statistics chart that will enable the concerned party to track the progress and effectiveness of the trip reduction program once it is implemented.

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More – Split the Cost of Commuting

  • July 17, 2008

RideAmigos.comSo gas prices prices aren’t exactly cheap, but you still need a car to get around– to work, school, play, to basically, have a life. RideAmigos, then, ought to help.

RideAmigos is a clever new site that takes advantage of the transportation fiasco and helps you save money. It’s touts itself as a ride sharing solution. You can find car pools, split taxis, bum rides off of fellow commuters, or even find transportation to a special event. RideAmigos makes this all extremely easy. To use, just enter in a few details including where you’re going and from where, and ride type. You can also specify an event (such as baseball game, concert, etc). The site is international, so it’s perfect for when you travel– you can get rides to the places you need to go without having to pay full price. Join once, and you’re a member for life. It’s free too.

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More – San Antonio TX Metropolitan Transit

  • June 3, 2008

ViaInfo.netOf great use both for San Antonio locals and visitors, this site is home for the public bus service in that Texan city, and is very easy to use, regardless of whether you want to plan your trip or learn about the advantages of riding the bus to work instead of your own car. ViaInfo.

net features schedules and fare information, and a variety of interactive maps in which users can see different information, like bus stops, bus routes, attraction or public services. I was happy to see that a Quick Trip feature is available through the site, which allows users to indicate where they’re at and where they’re headed, and get instant information on what line they should take and where to catch the bus. One of the most effective marketing tactics of the site is the cost calculator, which lets users learn how much they can save in fuel and parking costs by riding the bus or using other of VIA’s services. Individuals and corporate clients can buy short or long-term bus passes through the site, and the latter can learn about the tax benefits of doing so by taking a look at the Corporate area of Concerned about costs or the environment but not willing to take the bus? Don’t be anymore: you can learn about other car pooling services Via has to offer by visiting the site, but in order to receive day or night service you have to call in (will they consider allowing people to book or reserve trips online?).

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More – Get a Telework Job

  • January 16, 2008 is a Telework job agency, which works like any other regular job agency does, like monster.

com, for instance. What it does is to allow users to post their résumés for free, and allow employers to search those résumés in order to get both parties in touch and generate a working relationship. The site specializes in telework, and as such offers several articles and literature related to it, which aims to convince prospective workers of this modality into the benefits of working from home, including an interesting piece on whether teleworking is greener than commuting to your office; all of this material is aggregated from other sources, but that doesn’t get in the way of originality or interest. In order to browse job opportunities or post a résumé, users must create a profile as members, which they do by choosing an account name and password.

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