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  • December 27, 2010

CommunityCollegeJobs.comAs its name suggests, this is a website letting academic professionals find open positions at community colleges. Here, jobs for faculty, staff and administrators are posted on a daily basis. And both the US and Canada are already covered to the full, too.

All of the jobs that are listed on this site can be searched in more ways than one. It is possible to look them up both by category (IE administrative or executive) and by type (EG part-time job or distance job). Of course, it is also possible to look jobs up based on their exact geographical location. The interactive map which is provided makes that incredibly easy and accurate.

And the site comes complete with an advanced search feature that lets the user set down only certain keywords to be taken into account, as well as specifying the kind of institution that he is keen on being employed at. In fact, available positions at institutions other than community colleges can be looked up. That turns the site into something even more practical in the end, and it makes it stand as a much broader resource than its name might lead you to think.

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