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More – Social Support Networks

  • February 15, 2008

Weare.usSocial networks often revolve around maintaining existing friendships, but offer little meaningful connection beyond that. WeAre.

Us attempts to connect individuals in order to create a social support network. The website, which is actually a platform for a handful of smaller social networks, primarily connects people afflicted with a common disease (there are networks devoted to individuals affected by HIV, Huntington’s disease, and cancer, among others). The site also hosts networks for Red Sox fans and individuals of multicultural descent. Through blog entries, forums, and groups, members encourage and lament with each other, share stories, and give advice.

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More – Health and Wellness

  • March 8, 2007

DailyStrength.orgDailyStrength could be described as a MySpace but for those suffering from a range of psychological and physical maladies. At DailyStrength, those who need help, support, or advice can register for free, and get the encouragement and friendship they need.

With over 500 different support groups DailyStrength is one of the most comprehensive health support groups on the web today. Members are encouraged to keep a wellness journal to share their challenges with others; they can email hugs to each other and get professional advice to aid in their healing.

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