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Finding Your Startup Sweet Spot

  • September 15, 2013

What do you think of when you hear “doing well by doing good” – that it’s a cliché? How about “impact businesses” – sexy? Or what about: “for-benefit companies” – confused yet? No matter what you call it, many young women today want to align with an organization that is changing the world somehow. But most…

More – Ambucs Dedicated to Helping Those with Disabilities

  • July 19, 2012 is the Internet home page of a non-profit service organization that was created for mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Ambucs consists of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to helping those with disabilities and making their lives easier. Members of the organization perform various forms of community service, provide Amtryke therapeutic tricycles to individuals who cannot operate a traditional bike on their own, and award scholarships to therapists. There are more than 5,000 Ambucs members in over 135 chapters in 30 states. These members also benefit for being part of such a great cause. The chapters provide fun service opportunities for people who want to improve their community. These individuals are ready to make a difference in the lives of others. They make valuable contacts, friends and develop important leadership skills.

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More – Empowering Women to Change the World

  • July 7, 2008

EMWomen.comWomen of the world unite could be EMWomen’s tagline. This site caters to women looking to change the world in groups of up to fifteen.

The premise: EMWomen get together in small groups to unite and plan community projects around their cities while bonding personally and growing professionally. These women may be of disparate backgrounds, but they join together to each week to get EM training, coaching, and participate in conferences with topics ranging from finances, to fitness, business development and family enrichment. Once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to EMuniversity and an Empowering Women’s monthly information series about living debt free along with lifelong friendships and skills. On the site itself, there’s a café filled with healthy recipes, there’s a store, along with a community section and self empowering articles. To become an EMwomen it costs $25 a month or $240 a year, and this entitles you to life changing tools such as courses and conferences.

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More – Today’s Needs And The Promise Of The Future

  • June 9, 2008 is a dedicated site to the corporate community service in schools and universities across the country, and internationally throughout the manufacturing industry.

PTC has serviced first-class customers, acquired key companies, and created industry-leading products to bring you the best in product development software. These milestones have contributed to the products, solutions and corporate culture that make PTC the leading provider of product development solutions. You will be able to find much more information about this site and corporate company within the About PTC, with contact information, history and acquisitions, PTC community and education programs, careers, customer successes, partners and reseller, news and events, executive team, and investor relations. You can also find more information within the Services and Training section, with global maintenance support, PTC University, value identification and planning, implementation services, expansion services, and solution support information; among many other sections, you can find sections such as Products, Solutions, Resource Center, and Support.

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More – Be More Of What You Want To Be

  • June 5, 2008 is the website if KVIE Public Television, a TV company which invites you to be more of what you want to be.

The mission of KVIE, Inc. is to educate, enrich, enlighten, and inspire diverse audiences and individuals through high quality television programming. This way, it plans to open minds and to change lives by giving people all the information they need to participate fully in their own community. KVIE uses technologies to connect the region’s diverse communities to one another; this means connecting children to museums, families to public health services, voters to government, adult learners to libraries and universities, and senior citizens to social services. This online version of KVIE aims to contribute to this commitment, and work as a practical and effective tool to access different services, such as TV schedules, programs, educational services, online shop, and much more. Being more unique, engaged, and inspired, is being more KVIE.

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More – Easy Banking

  • May 15, 2008

UniBank.comNot satisfied with your local bank service? Not happy with the service they provide you when you walk in the bank? Many people feel the same; they just don’t want to take the risk of changing institution. But, if you’re suffering financially from all the fees your bank is charging you, get out of there.

Join UniBank right away. Why? At Unibank, they are committed to being the premier banking service by providing the best service for individuals and businesses alike. But it doesn’t stop there either. UniBank doesn’t charge you the hefty fees and charges that common banks charge you. UniBank strives to provide fairly priced, high quality financial products. How’s the service? It’s awesome. UniBank is proud of their employees because of the service they provide their customers. UniBank employees are not only responsible agents, but also provide volunteer help to the community in services such as Little League coaching, Elderly Financial counseling, Teaching Classroom Education Programs and much more. So join the bank that offer you the best service, join UniBank, at

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More – Community Service And More

  • May 6, 2008

Aarp.orgAt you is an American nonprofit organization of people of 50 and older dedicated to attend their needs and interests, helping everyone to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Their mission is to enhance quality of life for all as we get older. AARP offers positive social change and gives value to members through information, advocacy and service. Currently more than 39 million people have become members of this great organization. Their services include informing their member and public in general on important issues to this age group; promoting community service; advocating on legislative, consumer and legal issues. Visit the website to learn more about the wide range of special products and services to its members. The website features in health, money, leisure, family, community and others. You can apply online; to join it you follow the steps indicated in site, and start enjoying all the memberships discounts and services, you can save good money traveling, as well as, on health, beauty and wellness products.

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More – Facebook App for Blood Donors

  • March 5, 2008

TakesAllTypes.orgTakes All Types is a non-profit, grassroots organization that aims to create the first nationwide network for blood donation, and they have taken the innovative step of bringing their cause to Facebook. When a user adds the new Takes All Types (TAT) Facebook Application, they enter their location and their blood type, if they know it.

If there is an emergency need for that blood type in a certain geographic area, TAT will notify any potential donors in its system. Users can also sign up to receive updates by phone, text message, email, RSS, or fax. On Facebook, you can display a TAT Card on your profile to show your support, become “a fan” of TAT, or share information about the organization with your friends. Even those unable or unwilling to donate blood can become members and support the cause by simply spreading the word to their online friends. Takes All Types promises to expand in the near future to other social media outlets besides Facebook, and aims to use online communication and networking to eradicate the problem of blood supply shortages across the U.S.

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More – To Donate, Trade, or Find Services

  • February 26, 2008

TimeBucks.orgCommunity-focused is an innovative online forum for donating, trading, or finding services.

According to, most of its participants “just want to share a talent or support an organization they care about,” which should tell you something about this site’s laid-back, not-for-profit mentality. functions around its own currency, called “time-bucks.” All services are valued at a standard rate of 15 time-bucks per hour. To earn time-bucks, you can donate services you’re able to provide, or purchase them for $1 USD per time-buck. Once you have time-bucks, you can trade them for services you need (searchable by category, keyword, and/or zip code) or donate the time-bucks to a participating nonprofit or community group. Participating charities receive 85 cents for every time-buck donated on their behalf ($12.75 per hour), with the remainder covering overhead for the website.

The services traded on span dozens of categories, such as Health & Beauty, Education/Mentoring, Fixing Up, Music/Drama/Dance, and Outdoor Work/Gardening.

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More – Changing Your Lifestyle

  • August 5, 2007

Metroguide.comMetroGuide is the powerful and rewarding way to share your thoughts and experiences about your local community with your friends, contacts and readers worldwide. This site gives you the possibility of improving your lifestyle and at the same time the lifestyle of your neighbours.

Members will be able to write reviews and post comments about any matter that they consider of value, obtaining Metro Points in exchange. MetroGuide also offers points for other activities such as voting on the quality of someone else’s review, reporting inaccurate listings, etc. Once members earn enough points, you can begin to redeem them for prizes called MetroRewards.

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