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More – AOL Launches Digg like Site

  • July 22, 2008

Propeller.comThe newly christened site Propeller is AOL’s attempt at a Digg clone. There are however, some notable differences.

For one, Propeller has come up with a mustachioed, near sighted mascot which is described as ‘part professor, part citizen journalist.’ The most significant departure from the Digg model, however is the absence of a vote count. Rather, Propeller uses an algorithm which covers much aspects of user participation than does Digg. The algorithm is based on a popularity ranking (1-10). Also, you’ll note that instead of voting for an item, you must ‘Prop it’. The site houses less categories than Digg, with a focus on Humor, Family, News, Style, and Sports among a few others. Users can submit stories, socialize, and check out the latest headlines. They are also encouraged to set up AOL as their own homepage.

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More – News From Colorado

  • May 6, 2008 is a site for news and information of Longmont and Northern Colorado.

At the site you will see different sections, like: sports, business, community, health, etc. There is also a navigator bar on the top of the page with links for entertainment, classifieds, obituaries, photos and multimedia, and more. Some of the news they broadcast are related to business, community, local and regional, and nation and world, among others. Moreover, there are some cover stories, events, movie listings, and entertainment news. If you’re looking for a car or to buy a new home in Colorado, you should take a look at the market place section. In addition, there is a link for employment very useful whether you are planning to quit your current job or want to start working. At the site there is a section designated to customer service, containing: subscriptions payments, vacation hold form, submit an obituary, delivery service error, etc.

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More – Ohio`s News

  • April 30, 2008

Thisweeknews.comAt you will find the way to be finally updated.

All the latest news is right there. It has a very complete source of information about different topics. You can even search for a community in Ohio, like: Hilliard, Delaware, New Albany, Sunbury, Clintonville, Canal Winchester, Licking County, and Worthington, etc, and see their news and top stories. At the web site there is a section for sports, schools, real state, contests, and more. Whether you are looking for a home, a new car, or trying to get another job, you can access their classifieds and check out what you need. Plus, there is a bar on the right side of the page where you can watch the photo of the day, some featured advertiser links, and more. You can submit in many categories, such as: news stories, letter to the editor, photographs, deadlines, wedding and engagement announcements, etc.

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More – News About Java

  • January 27, 2008 World is a Digg like site for everything related to Java. The main page exhibits the most recent published news in list-like fashion.

Each headline is accompanied by a short blurb; clicking on ‘read more’ brings you to the full description, any comments about the item, related links, and a list of who voted. There’s a link above the description which takes you to the actual referenced site. As with Digg, all stories can be buried or voted up to the top. There are tabs for published news, upcoming, and one for submitting a new story. On the left you’ll find all the available categories including video, events, and demos, and their RSS feeds. To submit a story, you’ll need to register.

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More – Digg Clone for Discussing Stories, News

  • January 25, 2008

HypeDiss.comThe Berlin based HypeDiss is another take on the Digg model. Rather than burying or floating stories to the top users are encouraged to hype or diss them.

On the home page is a list of all popular content. Currently, the top stories seem to be Tom Cruise and Scientology, and a tax on drugs. Above that you’ll find a tag cloud featuring categories such as graffiti, apple, architecture and music. Stories are classified as upcoming, just arrived, most hyped, most dissed and most commented. To add your own story, comment or vote, you’ll need to register. Other tools include a flash widget, and a blog integration button.

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More – Digg-Style Tech News Site

  • December 18, 2007

Fampeo.comFampeo is a Digg-style community news site. Its sole focus is technology.

You’ll find stories about Google, iPhones, social networks, gadgets and the like. On the left hand column are the categories, of which there are plenty (from Apple to Websites). There are tabs for submitting a new story, upcoming news, and published news. Stories can be sorted by popularity and by date. Clicking on a news item takes you to the original source. As with Digg, stories get be voted up or buried. Comments, tags, and send to a friend are also enabled. To submit content or to participate on the site, you’ll have to register.

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More – Another Digg Clone Launches

  • December 11, 2007

ScoopThis.netScoopThis is aspiring to be the next Digg and it’s pulling out all the 2.o stops in order to achieve its goals.

Besides the bouncy green orange and blue color schema, you’ll first notice the Digglike setup with user aggregated stories, voting, bookmark favicons for saving to other sites, tags, and comments . You’ve also got your user profiles indicating how many stories they’ve posted along with comments made and received. There’s also the obligatory tag cloud and of course widgets. Of course, I shouldnt fail to mention the RSS feed they’ve got set up too. This site has all the standard Digg features. It really does a good job at flattering the original site, however, there’s not much more to it than that.

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More – Digg-like Site for Africa

  • November 23, 2007 is stepping into the phenomenon that is Web 2.0 with sites like Muti.

Muti is a social bookmarking site influenced by the big guns reddit and Digg. The design is similar. Users submit content—links—to articles, news stories, or whatever they find interesting. Each item can be rated and voted up or down (by clicking on the arrows). Users are granted kudu points (which on other sites are referred to as karma), by other users’ votes. There are several different ways to view items: hot which displays most voted upon stories, new, top in which you’ll find over all popular items based on composite scores, most liked (items in order of highest vote balance), and most viewed. Registration is required to submit stories.

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More – Online News

  • November 8, 2007

ContraCostatimes.comLooking for the latest news? Living in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, or Solano County? Want to keep up with your local news? Then check out this site. Contracostatimes.

com has been organized in different sections to make your search even easier, including news, my town, sports, business, entertainment, living, columns, and opinions. For instance, if you enter their news section you will have access to info about obituaries, bay & state, nation & world, crime and courts, education, health, politics, science, growth, environment, traffic, and weather. Don’t miss their message boards and blogs. You will also find real estate news and financial markets. If you want to know something about celebrities, movies, music, restaurants, television, radio, horoscopes or theatres, check out the entertainment area. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive in your email the latest news from Contra Costa Times.

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More – Digg Never Tasted So Sweet

  • October 3, 2007

SugarLoving.comFirst thing that will catch your eye upon venturing to SugarLoving, the Sugar Inc. Digg clone for women, is the uncanny amount of puffy, cute hearts on site.

Unlike other Digg-like sites in which users submit content to be voted up or booted off, there’s only love to be had on SugarLoving, hence the name, I suppose. This site is more Sweet N’ Low than the cane stuff; everything is insufferably full of unbounded hospitality and an eerie sort of best friends forever philosophy. The stories are pretty much all inclusive; they’re categorized by topic at the top of the page, e.g. Food and Travel, Fashion and Beauty, and Mind and Body. To comment, you’ll have to be a registered SugarLovin’ member. This one’s geared at your girly girl crowd, but I’m not even sure if they’ll be so keen to so much link love.

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More – Digg For Conservatives

  • August 25, 2007

GOPhub.comRepublicans, Bush supporters, and conservatives, if you feel the internet is merely an unruly arm of the liberal media, than GOPhub is for you. GOPhub is basically Digg for conservatives.

If you proudly wear that GOP elephant on your lapel and tote a concealed weapon, GOPhub definitely is your go to place for news. Read stories about the Conservative Leadership conference, or submit your own. Vote for the articles that strike a chord with you. Make comments, start a heated discussion, and participate in the polls. Stories are categorized by topic: there’s news, opinion, video and other. Anyone can sign up for an account, it’s free.

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