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  • May 15, 2008

UniBank.comNot satisfied with your local bank service? Not happy with the service they provide you when you walk in the bank? Many people feel the same; they just don’t want to take the risk of changing institution. But, if you’re suffering financially from all the fees your bank is charging you, get out of there.

Join UniBank right away. Why? At Unibank, they are committed to being the premier banking service by providing the best service for individuals and businesses alike. But it doesn’t stop there either. UniBank doesn’t charge you the hefty fees and charges that common banks charge you. UniBank strives to provide fairly priced, high quality financial products. How’s the service? It’s awesome. UniBank is proud of their employees because of the service they provide their customers. UniBank employees are not only responsible agents, but also provide volunteer help to the community in services such as Little League coaching, Elderly Financial counseling, Teaching Classroom Education Programs and much more. So join the bank that offer you the best service, join UniBank, at

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