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  • January 7, 2008 takes you automatically to, where you will have the possibility to organize a video web conference with up to 17 friends or have a one-to-one video chat.

The privacy statement makes clear that your private information won’t be saved at all for other uses, nor your live streaming broadcasts recorded. This aims to give you the confidence which may not be found in every website that provides the possibility to exchange your webcam images with other users. Needles to say is that you must have a working webcam installed on your computer for being able to benefit from this service.

The site is really easy to use, showing you two buttons right on the home page. One lets you have a one-on-one connect, and the other start a multiple user web conference. Just write the name you want for your chat room, press the “Get room link” button and paste it for your friends to be able to join it.

In this way, adds a different way to use internet communications, and although you may think that almost everyone will have some kind of communication software such as Skype or Messenger, there is always some exception for every rule. By only giving the URL to those you want to chat with, you?ll connected on the spot.

Giving you the chance to have video conferences whether you are using your own computer or not, with or without specifically installed software, the site compensates for a not very stylish design. Even then, that may be a welcome difference with most of today’s colorful and image-crowded sites and apps. Just for the sake of variation, anyway.

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