Commonplacing On The WWW –

  • August 21, 2009

Commonplacing On The WWWThis is a tumbleblog that has the aim of collecting interesting passages from texts and including them on its pages so that everybody will benefit from that particular insight and/or the opinion. This practice is what is traditionally known as “commonplacing”.

I must admit that I was not acquainted with the concept, and I picked it up here. The pages are full of these little snippets, and the topics which are covered couldn’t be more diverse.

After giving it a good look, this blog stands to me as a direct and lively way to remain posted on what is happening around the world. The format means that people who are busy and don’t have that much time to spend online reading articles will be able to inform themselves this way, and access the information in a context that will be 100 % suitable to them. Commonplacing On The WWW

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