More – A Network For Independent Traders

  • April 13, 2009

MarketFriends.comMarketFriends is a social network and information sharing site for independent traders of all financial markets. Traders can utilize live chat rooms, idea sharing forums and many other useful features, all for free.

As it is fit, each trader has a personalized profile. This adds an element of trust and community. The objective of the site is to create a distinct competitive advantage for the retail trading community, by letting independent traders network together.

This site takes advantage of traditional trader tools combined with the social network element of profile building and a trusted network of fellow traders. Typically you would have to pay for live chat software, and generally only message boards are available online for free use by traders. If it manages to consolidate itself, this site can become the one-stop for traders going through their daily activities. It has the potential to become a large network of free information sharing on the web, and an invaluable tool for traders around the world. If you are one and think that you could benefit from such an initiative, simply head to in order to start learning and networking.

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More – Comprehensive Financial Services

  • March 18, 2009

RelianceMoney.comThis site belongs to a very well known financial company that that is specialized in providing comprehensive services and solutions in relation to equity, commodities, portfolio and asset management services, as well as mutual funds, etc.

Among the many other services you will be able to get from this online resource are IPOs, in addition to life insurance and gold coins, as well as loans, credit card services, and money transfer services.

This is one of the most convenient broking houses in India with more than 2.5 million customers. The website is very interesting and easy to use, and it has many sections where you will be able to find all the information you might need about the different markets with stats and trading information.

You will have the chance to download different forms, as well as to open your own account in order to get all the benefits provided by this online resource. In case you want to find more information about this portal you just need to open it and start enjoying the wide variety of services provided by this company at

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More – Speculators And Commodities

  • May 16, 2008

Zealllc.comIf you want to invest in gold, and you want to know the gold price in India, among other gold market and gold trading reports, enter this site. offers speculation an investment information and resources online. You can check gold charts, Philadelphia Gold and Silver index (XAU), and other gold market news.

On those who are interested in trading gold will find useful gold market information. Zeal gives you lots of gold trading resources, including XAU reports, gold charts, and gold news. Additionally, you can also find investment essays and many more gold trading resources. Do you want to know the gold price in India, enter this site and find out about the stocks to buy.

In case you are looking for gold trading resources and information, this site could be of help for you. Visit to get access to gold news, gold market essays, and gold news.

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