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  • April 23, 2008 – Collective Action Makes The Difference

United food and commercial workers –UFCW- is an organization that is meant to be a voice for workers.

This people represent workers from supermarkets, packinghouses, food processing plants, poultry processing plants, retail stores, and other industries. They have gathered together to improve their lives in the workplace.
Retirements plans, defined work schedules, job security, seniority rights, and healthcare are some of the topics they discuss and negotiate.
At their web site you can find relevant information regarding healthcare, immigration, minimum wage, worker safety, with actual facts and statistics indicators.
If you work in a retail store and you think your rights are not considered sometimes, you can try contacting them and ask for some help. Sometimes is not only about wage but also about working conditions or extra benefits. One thing is true: there are always some aspects that can be improved. Check out for further information. They might help your voice be heard.

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