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  • November 20, 2007

Pdnonline.comFor the past couple of decades, PDN has managed to establish itself as a market leader for the professional photography industry. PDNonline.

com is, of course the online version for this journal; in the site you will be able to find the regular information for a specialized magazine site: subscription information, photography news, a gallery, classifieds, contests, news on products and accessories, social news and a directory. But the web has its wonderful advantages in terms of what it can do for multimedia content, and that is that is supports a rather new genre of photo-narrative, like photo essays, some of which are available for free. The site has very insightful information on photo banks, so it can become a resourceful tool not only for professional photographers, but to related industries, like edition, production or advertising.

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More – Buy prints & learn to take photos

  • October 28, 2007

Danheller.comWith 450,000+ images in stock, this site is the homepage for professional photographer Dan Heller and it features pictures from around the globe which you can licence for commercial use, or buy in several size prints. There are also several books published by this author on sale on the site which can be useful guides to learning how to take traditional or digital photos, or how to start a photography business, so it can be very interesting for a large audience.

Plus the site also includes a section where you can buy pre-owned photography equipment at reduced rates.

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