More – Bookmark Parts Of Sites Only

  • August 18, 2011

CommentTo.comIt would be great if you could save portions of sites and share that with your friends instead of mailing links and instructing them to look for a specific section within the article you have sent out, wouldn’t you say? Well, it turns out there is a way to get that job done, and it’s available absolutely for free. Comment To is a new social bookmarking service that lets people save specific parts of websites only, and have that shared with all their contacts.

It is all achieved by getting the provided bokmarklet. Once that has been done, users are allowed to highlight content and have it shared with everybody else. And anything that is saved and spread like this can also be commented upon. But hey, did you expect anything less from a service named Comment To?

And it is worth pointing out that Comment To can also be put to personal uses. While it is obvious that the service has been devised to let people share the best news and tidbits that they find online, there’s just no reason why someone would not use it to send himself interesting links in order to check them later.

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