More – Find The Best Restaurants

  • September 11, 2009

Graffitigeo.comThis is a new solution that has come to the market with the purpose of providing users with a new service. GraffitiGeo is very attractive due to the fact that it is like a game that gives you the chance to make reviews of any restaurant you have visited.

If you do not feel like writing a review, just click on the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ options and that will be it. Is this helpful at all? Well, if you consider that these reviews and votes will be seen by many other users like you that might be looking for a good restaurant, this seems to be quite an effective service.

The system will also work as a place where you can find a number of bars with their detailed profiles as well as their votes and comments. Are you looking for the appropriate restaurant to have a delicious experience? Well, in that case you will enjoy this site because it gives you a map where you can see where the “hot” places are.

But, is there any other feature available on this site? Yes, with GraffitiGeo you make points when you vote on a restaurant or you leave your comments or reviews. These points will give users the chance to invite others and make more points. After a period of time you will get different benefits based on the amount of points you have.

In the near future your will be able to maximize the use you give to this service from you iPhone. It could be said that GraffitiGeo works good and it is an interesting competitor for Yelp. You are going to be the one that will have the definitive word about how this system works and in case you want to get more information about it, you just need to give the site a visit at and you will not regret it.

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Cinema And Reality –

  • August 20, 2009

Cinema And RealityThere are many places where you can find information about cinema. You might want to go watching the latest movies on screen because everybody says that they are great.

Some websites give you the possibility to learn about many movies from a variety of quite dissimilar perspectives.

In case you want to read great articles about a wide assortment of movies this is going to be an interesting site for you to stop by. With many pictures extracted from different movies’ scenes, is an enjoyable blog for you to visit. Due to the fact that cinema reflects reality find this blog insightful and interesting. Cinema And Reality

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Baseball Discussions –

  • August 12, 2009

Baseball DiscussionsHome Run Derby was created to give you the chance to have all the data you might be looking for about baseball. In fact, this blogs is written by Baseball fans for baseball fans and it displays an assortment of interesting options you are going to really enjoy.

The blog includes data about a wide assortment of baseball-related topics.

The blog’s design is cool and gives users the chance to experience quite an enjoyable feeling. In case you want to find a creative outlet for discussions and baseball-related trash talk. Is this blog going to be the most important baseball blog in the world? I do not think so. But at least it will catch many users’ attention. Baseball Discussions

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Baseball & Humor In A Blog –

  • August 12, 2009

Baseball & Humor In A BlogBaseball could be an entertaining game, isn’t that true? Yes it is. This is an interesting option for those who like baseball and fun.

Yes, as you read it, this is a blog where you can find fun articles written by guys who really love baseball and give you their astounding observations about different games.

This blog could be your next favorite place to get the latest baseball news from an eccentric perspective. You will certainly enjoy this blog’s articles because they are just entertaining. Are you looking for baseball and humor all together in one site? Well, in that case give this blog a visit at Baseball & Humor In A Blog

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A Critical Blog –

  • August 3, 2009

A Critical BlogAnything you want to investigate about politics in the United Sates of America can be found on a blog that was created to give you the chance to find interesting information about Politics, Economics, and Health Insurance, and much more from a quite critical perspective. The blog belongs to Duncan Black who gives you his ideas about politics and society.

In case you want to be well informed about a wide assortment of topics from a conservative perspective this is going to be the right blog for you to take look at. The blog gives you many articles with the author’s points of view. A Critical Blog

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Many Topics And Comments –

  • July 29, 2009

Many Topics And CommentsOn this blog you will find a variety of interesting topics from food to different events you are going to enjoy very much. In case you are interested in learning about different social matters related to anything you can imagine about society, culture, and more, you will find interesting posts on a blog that was created to give you many appealing options.

If you want to take a look at different pictures about many matters this is the right blog for you to visit. Feel free to navigate through it and read about a wide assortment of selected topics now. You will find this blog at Many Topics And Comments

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An Interesting Medical Blog –

  • July 16, 2009

An Interesting Medical BlogThis blog belongs to Dr. Robert M.

Centor, an academic general internist at the University Of Alabama School Of Medicine that is specialized in the practise and teaching of medicine in different important centres an educational institutions. On this blog you will find Dr. Centor’s thoughts and main points of view about a wide variety of medical and non-medical matters.

In fact, this is a medical blog that started with the intention to make possible for users to get in touch with the information they need about different subjects and over the years turned to be a place where you can find interesting short essays.

Dr. Robert M. Centor had the intention to make readers think about many matters as well as to write their comments no matter if they share is views or not. If you want to find a place where to read interesting articles about a number of different health-related topics and where you can share your ideas, give the blog s visit and you will enjoy valuable information. An Interesting Medical Blog

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More – True Twitter Conversation

  • June 29, 2009

TweetBoard.comAs you already know you can get in touch with a wide assortment of people by navigating through different websites. In case you are looking for a convenient way to join conversations through a Twitter application and increase your website’s traffic I recommend you to take a look at this site.

Tweetboard self- defines as an appealing and efficient micro-forum type application that was especially created to give you the chance to get in touch with many people and take advantage of several conversations.

This application is uncomplicated and works simply by pulling your Twitter stream in near real-time. In fact, it will not take more than one minute to accomplish that task. Therefore, you can use it with a Twitter account and you will be able to apply it to the website you want.

This is a useful application for those who visit a site and want to leave a message through Twitter. When you leave a message on the Tweetboard, this message will also appear on Twitter under your name. The most remarkable thing about this site is a viral potential that will give you the security that your messages will not remain on the website being distributed by Twitter to a great number of links on the web. What is this application good for? The answer is simple and stimulating: Tweetboard generates much more traffic.

How? Each time you send or reply a message thorough Tweetboard, the system will attach a link back to your tweets about the former conversation. In this way a viral stream will be created of Twitter, and your site’s traffic will dramatically increase. This is a convenient application that is not fancy at all but that will help you to accomplish your goals if you want to increase your site’s traffic.

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Travel Blog –

  • June 24, 2009

Travel BlogThis blog belongs to a company called by the name of Gadling and provides information about a wide variety of interesting topics ranging from travelling to business, electronic, etc. In addition to this you will find the posts’ authors points of view on many subjects

Therefore, if you want to go to any part of the world and you want to see what others think about it, you can search though this blog and you will find qualified opinions about that. The blog is actually being written by a group of professionals that give you all the benefits of diversity.

In fact, the Gadling’s blog has about twenty writers posting their articles in order to provide you with all the benefits of having different views from different people about a wide assortment of selected topics. As the world goes faster, this blog posts articles about the latest news with HQ pictures you will enjoy. I personally found it interesting. Travel Blog

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More – Do You Believe?

  • June 8, 2009

ParanormalPeopleOnline.comThis is quite a peculiar website. This online resource is not about selling any product, or teaching you how to be a better professional, wife, husband or friend. On this site you will find interesting information about something that you do not find everywhere: The Paranormal World

The site was created for Paranormal People Online, and that is actually the name of an online resource that gives you the chance to share with others any strange or confusing events you think are unable to be explained or understood in terms of scientific knowledge.

In case you want to learn more in relation to a side of the natural world that not many people know about, you will enjoy reading articles written with an educated skepticism.

The site’s creators have learnt from science, physics, meta-physics and psychology in order to grow into talented, conscientious and experienced investigators.

If you are looking for advice about any paranormal topic you will have the chance to use a sounding board, as well as to engage yourself in different discussion about a wide variety of interesting paranormal topics.

Among the many sections you will have the chance to enjoy on this site you will find paranormal classifieds and paranormal stores, as well as paranormal books, links, videos, in addition to games and other fun stuff.

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More – View Wikipedia Articles With Media

  • May 28, 2009

Navify.comThe aim of this portal is a simple one: let you visualize Wikipedia articles in a new light. That is, Navify empowers anybody not only to read Wikipedia articles on the spot, but also see related media that go with them.

That includes images and videos as well as comments.

For example, if you access The Police’s Wikipedia page through Navify you will be able to watch the music videos from songs like “King Of Pain”, “Every Breath You Take” and other monster hits. A list of related videos is likewise produced, and coming back to this example I was presented with videos about punk and rock music alike.

All in all, the site stands as a true alternative interface for browsing through one of the most popular ports of call when it comes to informing oneself on the WWW. Next time you have to do research, you might as well keep it in mind. Chances are it will save you a lot of time and effort, and arrive at the same or even better results.

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More – Posts And More

  • April 20, 2009

ConvoTrack.comPosts are short and concise, as well as precise and convenient. However, there are many users who would like to know more about the whole dialogues related to a post.

This is because it is useful to know the dialogues’ context in order to grasp their essential meaning when you do not really understand them.

This online resource gives you the opportunity to get these dialogues in a very simple way. provides a straightforward bookmarklet that gives users the capacity to load comments from Twitter, as well as FriendFeed.

In addition to this, you can get the same dialogues from Digg and Reddit, plus HackerNews and any other blog. Therefore, if you read an article about any product or service and you think it is interesting, you can take a look at other users’ posts. As you can imagine the system works back and forth. You can either click on the posts to read the articles, or read the articles and then use the bookmarklet to know what is being said about them.

This is a valuable site where you can get information from a variety of sources. In case you are interested in this service, you just need to follow the link provided below to see different examples of preloaded conversations.

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More – Even Good Employees Have Bad Bosses

  • March 16, 2009

UhOhCeo.comWow, this is a very attractive site. On UhOhceo.

com you will have the unique opportunity to share the most interesting, hilarious, and crazy stories about how do you go along with your boss, as well as the many ways in which he or she behaves.

This site was especially created for users to aggregate their craziest bad boss stories on the web. Since everyone likes to gripe, this is going to be an excellent place for you to take out of your system all your anger. This is a good opportunity to use a site where you can let the world to know how bad your boss is, anonymously.

There are so many awful bosses out there, that sometimes one wants to shout to the world how bad they are. This is a safe way to do that. Good bosses are not very easy to find, but terrible ones are everywhere. As an outlet for user created comments and stories, this is a place where both employees and bosses can go to make themselves feel better and see what being a ‘bad boss’ is really about.

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MetroFlog.Com – Your New Personal Space

  • February 13, 2009

 MetroFlog.ComMetro Flog is a website where you can create your own personal space in order to share experiences with your friends and the other fellow users.

One good thing about this space is the fact that it is completely customizable, so each time you use your blog, you will be at YOUR space.

You can use the colors that you want as well as include the links you prefer.

By getting to be a part of this blog, you can share a commented daily photo so your friends can post on it. Each time you send a photo, they will receive a message so they can make their comments.

If you think you have to pay any cent in order to use this tool you are wrong. All services available at MetroFlog are totally free. In case you find a picture that you do not like, or you think it is inappropriate, you should report it. You will find an option for that at the site.

At this portal you will get more data as well as answers for the frequently asked questions. You can create you Metro Flog account now just by entering very simple information, and start enjoying all the benefits of being part of this community.


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More – Follow & Share Comments On The Web

  • October 21, 2008

Backtype.comBacktype is an online service that will come in very handy for those who are keen on posting comments on blogs and websites. In general terms, what this site does is to attribute the comment to the one who posted it by filling out the “website” or “URL” field when publishing the comment.

This way, it is easy to find, follow and share online comments and annotations.

What’s more, comment authors are given a profile that features all the comments they have posted online. This way, it is very easy for people that read one of these comments and liked it to keep track of that commentator, whereas the author can gauge for himself the attention he is attracting over the Internet.

The site also boasts a search tool for finding specific authors right away, whereas the latest blog posts are equally accessible from the main page. The blog, incidentally, is your main connection when it comes to site developments and new features.

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More – Graphics And Comments For Myspace

  • July 28, 2008

Comments101.comIf you were looking for one single site full of funny, hot, or friendly graphics and layouts, you won’t have to look no more. At comments101.

com you will see tons of graphics and comments for Myspace. Surprise your friends with new layouts and add glitter graphics to your Myspace. If you would like to customize Myspace by including layouts, you can do so from this site. features not only graphics and comments but also extras and pictures. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links on the top, such as: generators, Greek store, fan store, team apparel, tickets, etc. Some of the comments are meant to show love, give compliments, to flirt, etc. The different comments categories are: summer, American pride, Anniversary, awareness ribbons, cheerleading, Chinese, congratulations, friendship, gay pride, good luck, nice day, greetings, hugs, instant messenger, kisses, marriage, military, nationalities, party, etc.

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More – Christmas Graphics And Layouts

  • July 28, 2008

XmasJoys.comRegardless of the time of the year, it is always nice to surprise your friends. However, there is one occasion in the year that everybody gives surprises and gifts to everyone: Christmas time.

If you are already thinking of what to do during December 24th and what to give to your friends, you may find this site interesting. At there are lots of Christmas layouts, as well as Christmas codes for Myspace, so that you start planning how to surprise your family and friends in that special occasion. In addition to their large list of layouts they also feature Christmas graphics and free images too. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links on the top, such as: Myspace Christmas, kids, humor, downloads, graphics, e-cards, and games. At the left side of the webpage there is a navigator bar on the left side containing: animated gifts, backgrounds, banners, clipart, coloring pages, comments, countdown, contact tables, cursors, dividers, e-cards, fonts, funny pictures, wallpapers, screensavers, music, links, etc.

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More – Cool Layouts And Graphics

  • July 15, 2008

Trixinity.netIf you want to surprise your friends with new Myspace layouts and different backgrounds, take a look at this site. Furthermore, if you want to create a new profile you can try changing your background first.

There are lots of summer layouts especially for the season. On the main page of the web site there are several sections, like: Myspace profiles, page graphics, quote graphics, generators, glitters and comments, website tools, extra stuff, etc. Within Myspace profile section you will see network banners, picture captions, contact buttons, backgrounds, etc. At the page graphics there are album covers, falling images, flashing clothing, flashing graphics, photography, and much more. If you need new glitters or comments, check out the glitters section and give a glance at the glitter images, American graphics, and don’t forget the love glitters. The web site tools include: button templates, brushes, emoticons, glitter fills, pixel clocks, countdown boxes, etc.

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More – Modern Soundtrack Reviews

  • July 9, 2008

Filmtracks.comThis site provides reviews of film music from a fan’s perspective. So, if you are a fan of film music, this site provides a place where you can find out the latest of what’s being said on this subject.

You can start off in this site by reading all about what it has to offer in the About section. If you are interested in the reviews that are offered here, you can look for them by title or by year of publication. If not, you can always look in the homepage of this site for the featured ones, in the list of recent releases, on the scoreboard, in the list of customer favorites, the list of top 12 or in the list of the best of the last years as well. The reviews presented in this site show a photo of the logo of the movie, recommendations on why you should or shouldn’t buy it, about the producer and the movie itself as well. If you scroll down on the page where you read a review, you will find a graph showing what people rated this movie and also comments about it.

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