More – Rewarding Those Who Comment On Your Blog

  • December 16, 2009

ComLuv.comComments are one of the most rewarding parts of blogging. After all, what good is pouring your life and enthusiasm into your posts if nobody is paying any heed? Feedback is invaluable, and anything that spices the interest of visitors and makes them comment and come back a second time is something any blogger would have implemented on his or her weblog without really thinking twice.

That is exactly what this new WordPress plugin does.

Essentially, it will empower you to include a title link for the last post or tweet of each person who comments at the end of his contribution to your blog. The plugin does that automatically – the URL of the commentator’s blog is fetched and the last post to be found there is highlighted at the end of his comment.

In that way, an entity comparable to a network of generosity is created – something along the lines of “you comment on my blog, and I am giving your very own posts exposure in return”. The idea is simple and very effective, and I say that not only because implementing it is easy but because it is an unobtrusive way of promoting what you do in a meaningful context.

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