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  • February 6, 2009

TrollGuard.comA new WordPress plugin that protects any blog from spam comments, this solution is available for free to those running WordPress 2.7 who procure the plugin (available as a ZIP file) and install it.

Once this has been done, a configuration process has to be complied with so that protection is implemented. This process is termed as “training”, and it means that the plugin needs to adapt to your blog itself in order to detect spam. That is, the line between spam and a rightful comment can be not that discernible, and in order for the plugin not to block any valid comment this adaptation must be carried out.

Such a process is not that complex, as once ten legitimate and ten spammy comments have been individualized TrollGuard will switch to automatic and run on its own from there.

This solution is presented by a two-man team, namely Messrs. Jon Kågström and Roger Karlsson. A host of languages is already supported, and the service is completely inexpensive even for those who use it on commercial websites. If you want to take every measure you can in order to protect your blog and give visitors a better impression, this service might suit you fine.

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