More – Make Plans With Friends

  • March 20, 2012

MitmiApp.comMitmi is an application for making plans with friends. Once installed on your iPhone or Android phone (the app is free in both cases), you’ll be able to lead a much more enjoyable social life. Mitmi makes it really simple to decide where you’ll go with all of your friends. You can use this app to pick a location and have it shared, and then explain why you think that venue would be a good idea. Everybody will be able to comment on what you’ve shared.

Those who think the place would indeed be great for celebrating the night will easily get to support your choice. And the ones who think there’s better venues around will have a chance to say as much.

Of course, an app like this one is great not only because it lets you save a lot of time but also because it can help you save a significant amount of money. I mean, just think of all the calls you won’t have to make, and all the text messages you’ll be freed from sending.

And it’s interesting to mention that Mimti can also be used for arranging other kind of events and activities, such as study groups. So, it’s a planning tool in the broadest sense of the definition.

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More – Ordered Social Conversations

  • March 19, 2012

Wehgee.comConversations on social sites have a tendency to go off-topic very quickly, and people who come to them later often wonder just what on Earth everybody is talking about. So, nobody would question the usefulness of a site like Wehgee. Wehgee is a content sharing community where you can discuss a number of set topics only. These are chosen at the beginning of the week, and fall into any of these categories: “Audio”, “Videos”, “Photos”, “Quotes” and “Links”. Some lively discussions that have already been had on the site were the ones that revolved around hashtags like “Learn How To”, “What Happened To”, “Can’t Stand” and “Movie Mania”.

In any case, whatever you choose to share in any of the site’s weekly categories can then be not only commented by others but also rated, so that the most interesting conversations are always easier to find.

You can start sharing your own opinions and posting your own remembrances by signing up with your name, your email and a password. And if you become really hooked, then you’ll be able add more information such as where it is you live and how old you are later.

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More – Read Relevant Comments Only

  • March 14, 2012

Talkino.comI don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that comments on blogs and sites would work better if they were integrated into what you’re reading. I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense to know what other people think about anything by reading opinions next to what’s being discussed, instead of having to scroll from the bottom of the page to the top and then down again to keep on reading the next comment? Well, that’s what these folks at Talkino certainly seem to think. They’ve come up with a service that makes comments become a part of any blog post or news article you’re reading online. Talkino is a universal application that lets you comment on sites and blogs regardless of what discussion platform is used there. By using a single login, you’ll get to say whatever you want about anything you’re reading online, and to read what others have said by opening the comments on a separate window that you can resize at will.

And Talkino also comes with a filtering system for having only these comments that really matter displayed. You’re the one setting down what’s relevant and what’s not by telling Talkino which comments you find interesting, and which you couldn’t care less about. Talkino will take that into account, and begin displaying only these comments that are similar to the ones you have previously approved.

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More – Share Your Routines

  • February 29, 2012

Mesteps.comMesteps is a new social networking site where interactions revolve around one thing: routines. has been created to let you know what people who lead lives similar to yours do to stay fit and healthy. You can easily explore the site based on your own criteria, and once you’ve found a user whose routines are 100% compatible with the life you live then you can begin following him.

Users of the site and their routines are actually rated, so it’s very easy to realize who is to be trusted when a search puts you face to face with lots of people who have routines that seem interesting. And the site also highlights the most popular users on its homepage.

Of course, you can always interact with these users you’ve begun following, and ask them all the questions you might have regarding their routines. If you have doubts when it comes to the food you should be eating or when you should be getting up to start exercising, then it’s very easy to ask the one who posted the routine how things should be done. If he’s a top-rated user, he should get back to you before too long.

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More – Social Site For Foodies

  • January 18, 2012

ShareTheFoodOnline.comA social network for people who love food and who are always looking for new recipes and for a chance to share the ones they already know, is free to join and use. Eight main food categories are provided: “Wine”, “Coffee”, “Cheeses”, “Desserts”, “Fruit”, “Pasta”, “Bread” and “Vegetables”. Lots of recipes and anecdotes are shared in all eight categories, and so are photos of dishes. And the site has also got a section where nothing but food videos are featured. These are mainly clips of chefs in action, showing you all the steps the pros take to cook the dishes discussed elsewhere on the site. All their secrets and techniques are revealed there.

And the site has also got a forum where you can ask whatever you want. If there’s something that’s not clear even after having watched a video four or five times, then just head down to this forum and post a question. More experienced users of the site will surely see to it.

As mentioned above, registration to the site is free. You can have an account created just by submitting your name and a valid email address, and picking a password to go with it. Just follow this link to get started.

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More – Stickers With QR Codes

  • January 5, 2012

Qrawr.comYou know these apps that let you tag the world around you like Virtual Tags, Tagzania and Junaio, don’t you? Well, Qrawr is one of these. Available for iOS, you use it along with a series of stickers that you can place in any object or surface that makes you feel like commenting on it. You place the sticker there, and any person that comes across that sticker in the future can know what you had to say about that item by scanning it. The sticker comes with a QR code that’s unique, and that’ll let any person who scans it both read what you originally had to say, and add his very own insight. Those who scan the item from that point onwards will get to read everything – what you had said, and what was quipped by those who came after you.

Not counting all the obvious marketing uses that something like this can be put to, I also find myself thinking an app like Qrawr could work greatly when it comes to shared books. I’m talking about the kind of books that people leave in public places for others to pick up, read and drop again as part of collective reading programs. Well, Qrawr would let people give all that sharing a much deeper (and even more meaningful) layer.

Qrawr can be downloaded for free at the App Store. No fees are included for actually using the app, although you’ll have to buy a new set of stickers whenever you run out of them.

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More – Find Dofollow Blogs

  • December 15, 2011

Inferta-USA.comIf you’ve recently started your very own blog and you fail to get a respectable number of visitors in spite of all your efforts, then this is the perfect company for you. Inferta has created a blog commenting software named EasyLinkPromo that solves the eternal problem of finding dofollow blogs to comment on. In case the concept’s new to you, these are blogs that will share their pagerank with you if you leave a comment on them. That’s putting it in really simple words, but I want you to clearly understand what being a dofollow blog (or site) is all about. Because only a comparatively small number of blogs are actually dofollow. Well, it’s these blogs what EasyLinkPromo lets you find, in the blink of an eye.

The basic version of this software application is offered at just no charge. And a pro version is also available, for the ones who want to exert more control over the way links are placed and tracked.

In the end, a software application like EasyLinkPromo is one that few emerging bloggers could fail to be interested in. Leaving aside those who just don’t know how and where to promote their blogs, there’s a handful of bloggers that can’t promote what they do to the full simply because they don’t have the time. Well, if you find yourself in either position then this service is all you’ll need to get the job done.

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More – Watch And Comment Videos

  • November 23, 2011

Shufflr.tvWhat good is watching a video that’s tons of fun on your own? We all want someone to share the laughs with. And online, such a thing is done more easily than ever. A platform like lets you watch videos and clips in a social environment, and then comment on all that you’re watching in a really intuitive way. And it lets you do that for free, too.

The way Shufflr works, the application can gather together videos that both your friends and people you admire (IE, celebrities) are watching, right as they’re doing it. Shufflr shows you what they’re watching, and it also shows you what they’re saying about these videos. And then, it takes the conversation into both Facebook and Twitter, so that you can discuss what you watch with all of your friends there.

Shufflr is available as a web service (found on, and those who have either an iPhone or a Droid will be able to get the provided apps, and have videos commented right on their mobiles. This is the download link for iOS, and

this is where Android users can get their very own copy of the application. In both cases, the app is available free of charge.

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More – Share Topic Pictures

  • November 3, 2011

JustSnapThis.comJust Snap This is a photo sharing service with a twist. On this site, everything revolves around topic pictures. At the start of the day, one picture is uploaded. That picture is what we could call the “master” picture, because it’s the one introducing the topic for the day. All the pictures that are uploaded after that have to be connected with it. Anything that’s off-topic will not be accepted. And that’s the way the site works, day after day.

These pictures that are uploaded can be discussed and commented. People can explain where and when they were taken, and they can also make it clear why they feel they fit the concept for the day. Which is just perfect. I mean, different people see things in different ways. Images that don’t seem to fit in at first are sure to crop up on the site. Giving people the chance to explain why they’re including them is necessary for the site to run smoothly., then, is based on a somehow different concept. I think the service would prove to work very well when it comes to covering specific events, as people would be able to submit all the photos they’ve taken to the site, without worrying about them becoming mixed with images that are completely unrelated.

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More – Comment Wikipedia Articles

  • October 26, 2011

Empedia.comDo you ever read something on Wikipedia and feel like you could add a lot to that particular article, but can’t do it since editing it lies well beyond your technical skills? Well, this is the site that you should head to the next time you feel that way. What Empedia does is to let you say what you have to say about anything you might have read on Wikipedia, right on a separate page that everybody else can then view and discuss further on and on.

On Empedia, everything boils down to finding a topic or issue that is relevant to you, adding your experiences, and then sitting back and waiting until somebody else has got anything to say about what you’ve submitted. And when that happens, then you can simply answer back, and take your original article where the conversation should take it.

Besides, you can create polls to go with any page that’s being discussed. That will let you know how people feel about anything that you’ve stated, in a quantitative way.

Empedia is free to join, accounts are created in a breeze, and once you’re a registered user of the site you’ll be able to share the way you feel pretty much about anything, and also to comment on what others have shared.

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More – Collaborative Photo Albums

  • October 17, 2011

Sharypic.comSharypic makes it really easy for people who have all attended the same events to bring the photos they have taken under the same roof. On this site, people can create albums to which everybody can contribute these photos they have in their possession, and also comment on all that’s being shared. The idea is to let all the people who have been to the same parties, concerts and just any other kind of gathering see them through other people’s eyes.

And in addition to letting users upload everything from scratch, Sharypic lets them have the photos they have on sites such as Flickr, Picasa and even Facebook imported and placed on the corresponding Sharypic albums.

In any case, it’s important to mention that you don’t necessarily have to share the albums you create with absolutely everybody if you don’t want to. You can make them available only to selected people, so that it’s very easy to keep your parents from seeing pictures of you any wild party you’ve attended, or strangers from seeing images of your newborn’s baptism.

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More – Receive Only Positive Feedback

  • June 19, 2011

PositiveFeedback.meThere are enough nay-sayers out there to bring you down in the brightest of your days. Who needs them around? Better to listen to those who have something positive to say. Better to head down to a site like this one, where only positive thoughts and feelings get a chance to come through.

That is the best way in which this service can de defined, actually. is a site in which your family, friends and colleagues can tell you about these things that you are doing right, and highlight all these aspects that make you a really nice, likeable person. The idea is that once you have received such feedback then you can proceed to have it reviewed, and reply to it. If someone praises the way you always smile even when things are getting really difficult, then you can thank the person and proceed to explain to him/her where do you get the strength and resolve to face even the most trying of situations with a big, sincere smile.

Sounds good? Well, just give the site a try and experience it all first-hand. It can be used for free, and there is little to nothing to set up.

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More – Share Photos From Your iPhone

  • June 13, 2011

Piictu.comI have the perfect application for those of you who think that an image paints a thousand words. Available for iOS, Piictu will let you have the photos that you take with your smartphone instantly shared with all people who make up the Piictu community. The idea is that these individuals will reply to what you have posted in the same way, IE by sharing another image. It can be anything – something that is directly connected with what you have shared (such as a photo of players celebrating a goal they have scored from a different angle when it comes to a soccer match), or something that is unrelated but that has some kind of poignancy to the person that is sharing such an image. It is all the same, I guess – the idea is to get people communicating through images in one way or the other.

And the participation and involvement of users is ensured by letting them create contests in which mostly everybody can participate. People like amateur photographs will surely relish having the chance to go against like-minded individuals in such an open and transparent setting. And note that Piictu is a free app, too.

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More – Anonymous Facebook Comments

  • May 26, 2011

Defaceable.comMore and more blogs each day are only allowing people to comment on posts by signing in via Facebook. This is a great way to keep trolls at bay, but it is by no means undentable – it is always possible to create a fake Facebook profile just to leave a comment. Granted, that would be quite a laborious thing, and not many are willing to go the distance. Knowing as much, someone has devised this new service. It is named Defaceable, and it is a Chrome extension that basically lets people post on Facebook comments without revealing who they are. Users of Defaceable are assigned the name of a fruit instead.

Installing the extension is needed not just to leave comments, but also to read the ones left by other Defaceable users. In that sense, the degree of disruptiveness this system can have is certainly diminished. But it was only to be expected – wantonly breaking into Facebook Comments is something that could never be so easy or simple. I would be surprised if someone can take it any further than Defaceable.

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More – Share Social News

  • May 26, 2011

Take.8minut.esTake 8 Minutes is a social news platform with a difference. You see, the news that make it to the homepage on Take 8 Minutes will stay there only if they get a minimum number of comments within a specific timeframe (eight comments in eight minutes to begin with). Theoretically-speaking, this should translate into the fact that the only news gaining any kind of relevance and longevity on the homepage are these news that people are truly interested in.

There are some other elements at play too – elements that clearly give the whole site more of a game-like feel. For example, it is possible to extend the period news remain visible on the homepage by using credits. These, incidentally, are unlimited to those who try the site while it is in beta (IE right now).

Ultimately, the creators of Take 8 Minutes are trying to overcome the perceived lack of transparency that blights other social news sites. There is no easy way out of such a conundrum, for the simple reason that it is not easy to determine to which extent these things that could lessen a social site are the ones that also give it an edge. Take 8 Minutes tries to do things a little differently, and that alone is commendable.

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More – Share Your Best Jokes

  • May 19, 2011

Kwipster.comThere are people out there who could hold their own against celebrities like David Letterman or Johnny Carson. And they are utter unknowns. These individuals are everywhere. One might be the person who commutes next to you, other might the person who works on the record store across the street. Another might be the waiter that brings you your coffee every morning. It might be anybody. And what is really saddening is the fact such people might never get a chance to shine, and show their comedic skills to the world.

That is why a site like Kwipster has been created. On this site, people who deem themselves as witty will be given a chance to comment on the top stories of the day. These comments go by the name of Kwips, and once they are made they can be voted up and down by other users of the site and casual visitors alike.

Every Kwipster begins his journey at level 0 (Class Clown). Those who do particularly well will rise all the way to level 20 (Late Night Legend). Conversely, the ones whose jokes fall flat will go all the way down to level -1 (Comic Sans).

So, what will it be? Comic Sans or Late Night Legend? Join the site now and get ready to find it out…

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More – Rate Your Employers

  • April 26, 2011

OfficeLeaks.comA site that is very easy to relate to, OfficeLeaks lets employees discuss their workplaces in an anonymous way. On OfficeLeaks, people can speak about all these things that are wrong and unfair about the organizations they are employed at, without fear of being reprimanded or fired for doing so.

Just anything can be discussed on the site – the way people dress, the way bosses are looking at their employees down their noses, what a pittance is being paid by multi-corporations… and in all cases, threads are open. People who work at a different company from the one the original contributor works on will be able to give their very own insight on whatever is being said.

All the companies that are part of the OfficeLeaks database can be accessed alphabetically, and the ones that have been added to the database more recently are highlighted. If you spot the name of any company that you worked at in the past (and left in a sulk) then you will be able to see if things have changed, or if the song remains the same indeed.

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More – Make People Like Your Page

  • April 20, 2011

SpotLike.comUnless you are Lionel Messi, the likelihood of you amassing millions of likes on your Facebook fan page in hours are virtually non-existent. You will have to enlist all the help that you can. You are going to need a site like SpotLike on your side.

In very general words, SpotLike is a new service that will let you create a QR code for you Facebook fan page, and have it embedded just anywhere you fancy. When scanned, this code will take people straight to your Facebook fan page. There, they will be able to click on the Like button and show their allegiance to your cause or products. They will also be able to leave feedback for you to read and act upon. is a site that renders such a service at no cost. All you have to do is to copy and paste the address where your Facebook fan page can be found for SpotLike to work its magic, and have the relevant QR code generated right away

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More – Software And Games Worth A Try

  • March 30, 2011

Romku.comRomku is a collaborative database in which games and mobile applications along with software frameworks, libraries and scripts are commented and discussed by people who have the knowledge, and who are kind-enough to share it with the rest of us.

These individuals create pages for each application or game or script that they are familiarized with, and then these pages can be further edited by people who feel they have something to contribute. Entries can be corrected and adapted as time goes by, and better offerings see release.

In this way, any person who is thinking about which app to download or which game to buy will be able to make a much better-informed choice. He will be allowed to compare and contrast all available options, see what people who are in the know have to say about them and go for the one that seems a wiser download or purchase.

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More – Shop With The Help Of Other Buyers

  • March 28, 2011

ProdTwit.comProdTwit is a site that serves two main purposes. The first is letting you know what people who are considering buying any product that you are also keen on getting are saying in real time. The other is every bit as important (maybe even more), and it is letting you realize where to buy such product at the best possible price.

That is, when talking with people about what you want to buy chances are they will tell you of any store where they have seen that specific product at a price much lower than you were willing to pay. And that is something quite likely to happen – there are so many daily deal websites around that the chances of somebody having heard of one that you knew nothing about are never remote.

So, ProdTwit is a really flexible shopping companion. It is not going to radically change the way you buy items online. But it is going to let you save more than a good couple of bucks every now and then. And that is all that matters at the end of the day.

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