More – Encouraging Kids To Do Better

  • October 25, 2010

CommendableKids.comCommendable Kids is a system for encouraging children to do their best. It can be used both by parents and by teachers, and it works in exactly the same way in both cases: the parent or the teacher registers the children, and then he set down a series of milestones. When the children complete them, they will receive a badge telling them how great they are. And a nice touch is that friends and other members of the family can become fans of the children and interact with them. They will be able to leave comments giving the children their words of support along with high fives.

So far, more than fifteen different categories of badges are available. These include “Academics & Schools”, “Fitness, Sports & Health”, “Religion & Church”, “Music & Art” and “Personal Growth”.

It is important to mention that hard copies of any badge that is awarded can be created, too. The site lets you order certificates and postcards along with buttons, and they will then be shipped straightaway to the address that you specify.

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