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More – A Better Way To Build Coming Soon Pages

  • November 8, 2010

Capturely.comCreating a Coming Soon page is not really something as easy as it seems. Just think about it – you have to do much more than adding a blurb saying that you are launching in three months, and that the world will be conquered by your omnipresent application (IE, another URL shortener that crashes all the time).

No, building up one such page takes a lot more work and thought than that. For example, you have to think up a reliable system for taking beta registrations and delivering the respective invites. And keeping track of who has one afterwards.

Well, that is something this new site makes instantly possible. It will let you create a page with such capabilities in just a couple of clicks.

And there is more to Capturely than that, as you will be able to build a true prototype of the site that you have in mind and see how people react to the service you intend to offer by using AdWords. Moreover, any page that you create with Capturely can be integrated with services like Clicky and Google Analytics. You will know how much interest you are arising at once.

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More – The Finest In Film

  • July 25, 2008 is the official website of Laemmle Theatres, an institution that has been exhibiting the finest in film for over 70 years.

Through its online version you can get all the information about Laemmle Movie Theatres throughout the country, as well as other independently owned affiliate theatres. Besides, visitors will be able to check all the upcoming new films and buy tickets online. At the homepage you will find some promoted productions; you can click any of the titles to check detailed information about it, including staff, pictures, reviews, and synopsis. At the top of your screen you’ll see a navigation bar with some links that will lead you to the specific sections available, such as Now Playing, Coming Soon, Online Store, and more. Access any of these categories to find out a long list of titles and check the movie centers in which the will be exhibited, as well as dates, hours, and prices. Through you can also access the Sneak Preview Club; if you join it, you’ll receive an periodical email detailing the new movie the theatres are screening, along with a RSPV link that will allow you to enjoy a that movie for free.

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More – Movies

  • October 20, 2007

RegalCinemas.comIn case you are keen on movies and want to be informed about cinema events and theater events, this website can be of your interest. By visiting you will find interesting information about the Regal Movie Theaters.

In addition, on this website you will find information about current movies being showed in the different cinemas and data on upcoming movies. also provides you with information about special cinema promotions. This site will give you the chance to learn more about the Regal Crown Club.

Are you looking for theaters in the United States? Do you want to know more about cinemas nationwide? If that is so, pay this site a visit. Remember this website next time you are need data about theaters and cinemas in the United States. On you will find detailed information about movies and cinema events, as well as cinema hours and locations nationwide.

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