More – Adding A Chat To Your Site

  • March 1, 2010

CometChat.comChatting seems to be all the rage once more, in no small part thanks to the Chat Roulette website that brought to mind the eternal discussions about people losing every kind of inhibition when they are shielded behind a computer screen, and daring to do things they wouldn’t even dream of on a face-to-face.

What better time to add a chat to your site if you don’t already have one, then? And if you had already thought about it but wondered how to proceed, this website will let you take care of it all straightforwardly enough.

Basically, by paying a one-time fee you will manage to add such a functionality. The live chat will run on every server that supports PHP and MySQL (IE, Windows, Mac and Linux among others), and be displayed as an unobtrusive window that the user will be able to recall and click into at will.

Users will be allowed to see who is online at all times, and both avatars and smileys are supported by default. Bad and banned words are automatically filtered out, too, so you are freed from monitoring such behavior manually.

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