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  • January 20, 2010

ComeRecommended.comThis is a community site that will let companies and the ones who are looking for a job connect and start nurturing a professional relationship. The one requisite for joining this network and for start interacting with the featured companies is that at least three other members must recommend you.

Such a move is something that is bound to deter time wasters from joining and goofing here and there before being banned by a moderator. Such people are everywhere, and that is a fact. So is the contempt they elicit from the ones who do mean to put a site to its intended use.

Once joined, the community does not offer that many surprises or unique features. There are forums, you can become part of groups, you can read (and write) blogs… whatever makes you feel more comfortable in your pursuit of a new (or even first) position. But I must remark once more that having an environment made of people who are 100 % focused and serious is quite invaluable, and it is something that will certainly strike a chord with many. And if you are seriously looking for a job, you will have the time to ask three people to recommend you. It is a reasonable number, after all.

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