More – A Fun And Entertaining Domain

  • August 17, 2012

The website is a web space devoted to the random thoughts and posts of Anthony Lieuallen. On, users are able to get a peek into the mind of Anthony and enjoy some random comments, photos, videos and other commentary. The site features periodical updates and witty social commentary on certain select events that are taking place across the globe. Visitors aren’t just confined to reading these posts, they are encouraged to post their comments and interact with other users. The best part of the site is the wide variety of content that is discussed and the unpredictability of each post. The day’s topic might be a stand-up comic doing his routine in a video or a link to a news article with some commentary.

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More – Popular Television Programs from India at Asia Net Global

  • August 12, 2012 is the best place to read about television programs in India and Asia. Each and every show is described with cast, theme, plot and popularity potential written out for you to read. is a site that reaches every corner of the Asian’s interest range with the latest entertainment happenings.

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DIY Bootstrapping Success For Comedian Louis CK With $1 Million In 10 Days

  • July 4, 2012

Louis C.K., comedian and entrepreneur, surprised fan and corporate distributors alike when in 2011 he announced that he was going to sell his comedy special “Live at the Beacon Theater” for $5 dollars via direct download on his website.Paying for the production and its posting online out of his own pocket, he was taking a risk that no other comedian had taken before.

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Laughcake – Personalized Video Greetings Way Better Than A Singing Telegram

  • June 22, 2012

Do you have a friend who obsessively watches Comedy Central? I think I found the perfect birthday gift for him. Todd and Adam Stone are the brothers behind Laughcake, a new site where you can pay for professional comedians to make a short video message for a friend, family member, or your company. You give them a little information and a little cash; they give you a hilarious video. It’s a win-win situation.

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More – Funny Videos For Players Of Videogames

  • June 18, 2010

Dorkly.comPresented by the team responsible for, Dorkly is a new comedy site that is aimed at a very specific audience: players of video games.

If you are already familiarized with the College Humor website then you already know what to expect – a constant stream of videos that you would better not check out at your office, not necessarily because the material merits a “Not Safe For Work” label but mainly because you are sure to be laughing out loud within a couple of minutes.

Something that I really like about this website is the balance that has been achieved between older and newer titles. Countless mentions are made to MMORPGs (as it is only natural), but older coin-ops do also get a lot space. I was really pleased to see an article about Street Fighter II – the game harks back to the early ‘90s (I think 1992, but it could be 1991), and it defined a whole generation. So did Zelda, considered by many the first RPG that was released for the Super Nintendo gaming system (it was not – it had a lot in common with RPGs, but it was more of an adventure a la Dizzy spread over a huge landscape than anything else).

I think that the preceding paragraph made it all too evident how addicted I was to games when I was younger. But you already know that if you check KillerStartups regularly. And as a person who was once a rabid gamesplayer I think I am qualified to tell you that this site is lots of fun.

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More – Air Quotes For Everybody

  • January 12, 2010

LOLAirQuotes.comAre you looking for a way to start the weekend on a good note? If that is so, I think it is fair to say a good dose of humor might be the best way to do it. And if you are looking for enough humorous content to last till the next week comes around, a place like LOLAirQuotes can be deemed as a very suitable option.

Basically, this spot is wholly devoted to air quotes. In case you are not familiar with the expression, it refers to the act of waving your finger in the air while you are speaking in order to make “virtual” quotation marks. Maybe you were acquainted with the concept but knew it by another of its names such as “Fingerquotes” or “Ersatz quotes”.

Whatever name you knew them by, it doesn’t detract from the fact that they are devilishly funny, and having a centralized spot for reading them is more than certain to provide you with enough comical ammunition to go with for the whole week.

Note that if you want to see a quote about any certain topic, you can get in touch with the LOLAirQuotes team and request it be added to the database. The email address is displayed on the main page.

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More – The Place To Clear Your Conscience

  • July 9, 2009

Apolo.gyWe all make mistakes, and – to us – they are always relevant. Someone once said that the perception of a problem is far too tied to the person who is affected.

That is, we might make a mistake that others deem as superfluous yet it can bring our whole world apart. I think it has to do with the fact that we feel we have left others (and ourselves) down. But mending up is not really that difficult. Apologizing to others for what we have done is a good way to start setting things to right., then. This is a new site where users can convene in order to apologize for something they have done, get it out of their systems and carry on with their lives.

The posts range from rolling on the floor hilarious to tear jerking sad. is a virtual truck stop wall. is not the confession police however so there are no rules. It is just you, your feelings and the world. Express yourself, relieve the pain and be ready to keep walking forward. That is what the site is all about.

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More – Indie Movies Downloads

  • March 30, 2009

ClickFlick.comThis site gives internauts the opportunity to get access the latest and most up to date independent movie downloads. People can then burn selected movies onto DVDs so they can watch them on standard DVD players.

This seems to be a very convenient service.

The site is clear and straightforward and provides information about everything you need to know from these services. All the files you can get on this site are in DivX which means that everything is in High-Definition1080i.

The site’s creators designed this online resource aiming to create the wave of the future for movie watching. When you start using these services, you are lees likely to visit the video stores than before.

Everything will be done online. On this online resource you will be able to find 800 of the latest indie movies from around the world. Everything is high-definition guaranteed and you can burn movies onto DVDs and watch them on your DVD players. You will have access to literally thousands of more indie movies in the future so stay tuned…

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In.Com – You Will Find It Here

  • February 16, 2009

In.ComAt you will be able to find a site with all the options you need in order to know more about a diversity of topics.

This portal gives you the possibility to read many articles related to very interesting topics. Additionally, you can get to play online action games, as well as adventure games. If you prefer arcades, or casino games, this site also has these options for you.

Among other kinds of games you have, racing, sports, and many others. When it comes to watch the top videos, this site has a section where you can watch the video of the day, as well as to search through different categories like animation, bollywood, comedy, commercials, education, Indian music, etc.

In addition to this, there are different news channels like CNBC, CNN, IBGN where you can know about the worlds latest news.

Finally, you must know that there is a search box at the top of the home page’s screen, where you can search for anything you might be looking for through news, music, web, videos, games, flights, hotels, marriage, and all kinds of products.

This is a website for those that enjoy searching through an updated and massive news databank.


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More – Just Browse, Click and View

  • January 7, 2009 is a free internet television site, where users can find any kind of things such as TV Shows, movies, games, as well as media players.

In this way, users have the opportunity of getting to watch cartoons, comedies, and educational videos, from a variety of international channels such as BBC Parliament, EMS Medicine TV, or NASA TV among many others. Regarding games, users will have access to the NBA Highlights and winning finishes or watch live NHL games.

These services are just few of the many ones you can find at, because in fact users will get to see the highest rated channels and TV shows from all over the world. In relation to games, this site offers classics like Pac Man, Metroid, Frogger, Asteroid among many other new games.

So, if you are at home looking for information about what is going on in all over the word, as well as if you just want to relax ant watch some cartoons or play games, just get on the site, browse, click and view.

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More – Find, Post, and Share Events

  • November 19, 2008

UQEvents.comUQ Events is a web-based social-networking service that allows people to post, find, and share events and event information (music, theatre, nightlife, comedy, art, hockey, film, charity, and more). UQ Events was created for individuals looking to find and share event information in an easy, enjoyable and exciting fashion.

Membership is free and easy to obtain, and gives you the ability to create, publish, and manage events through your online UQ Events profile and calendar. These events can either be kept private, shared with a chosen circle of friends, or published for anyone using the website to see.

Both members and non-members are able to find events through the UQ Events search engine and share them through a variety of programs and services including email services, calendar programs such as iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Office, and bookmarking websites like Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Blinklist, Magnolia, Google Bookmarks, and more.

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More – Seth MacFarlane’s Cartoons

  • September 11, 2008

SethComedy.comTo some, Seth MacFarlane is a vile example of what freedom of speech can allow. To normal people, he’s a genius.

If you’re looking for some of his most recent work (not Family Guy), then you should check out On the site, you’ll be able to see videos that showcase his comedic genius. The videos are varied and deal with the many sides of the man’s great comedy. There’s also a blog on the site, from which you’ll be able to learn about what Seth MacFarlane is working on. The site is a great way for fans of this type of comedy to find things that most networks would never even consider airing. The site has a YouTube channel, so you’ll be able to enjoy this on the popular video sharing site. Overall, this site is one of the funniest on the internet, so if you enjoy Family Guy or American Dad, you have to check it out.

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More – Official Movie Site

  • July 30, 2008 is the official website of Balls of Fury, an American movie starring Dan Fogler and Christopher Walken released on 2007.

The movie is a comedy about table tennis tournaments. Here you can learn everything about it and take a look at its cinematic trailer as well as other videos. In addition to this, you can find image galleries and related downloads. Since the movie is no longer on the theaters, here you can buy a copy of it in DVD and HD DVD., which you can pay online with your credit card. After the movie was released, two video games based on it where also released for Wii and Nintendo Ds. Here you can learn everything about them and also buy them online. Finally, you can access to the official website of Universal and sig up to their free newsletter, in order to receive all the latest DVD releases.

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More – A Place Where You Can Laugh

  • July 14, 2008 is, as its name indicates, a website dedicated to showing funny comedy videos and TV shows.

Once you go to the site, you will find a curious home page. There is a welcoming message from John Lloyd, who is the creator of the site and British comedy producer, saying “hello, come in, sit down, have a cup of tea. My, you are looking well.” In order to access the full content of the site, you will be able to respond the welcoming message or just skip it. Once you choose whether you are going to respond or not, you will enter the site and see what it is all about. The idea of the site is that you can find funny stuff no matter what mood you are in. There are comprehensive gig listings, links to buy tickets, more links to buy books and DVDs, and more. It seems like is committed to providing its visitors with a large variety of hilarious stuff. Check out and enjoy.

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More – TV Shows And Videos

  • July 11, 2008

SoundAmerica.comIf you were looking for one site that features all the videos you’ve always wanted, you won’t have to look no more. At soundamerica.

com there are plenty of videos of different categories, such as: movies, cartoons, comedy, spoofs, TV shows, themes, utilities, sound effects, etc. Within the comedy section you will see tons of great videos organized in different folders. This latter include Abbott and Costello, Eddie Murphy, Firesign Theater, George Carlin, Jack Benny, Little Rascals, Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, Steve Martin, The Fanatics, Three Stooges, and more. At the themes section you will have access to cartoons, Christmas songs, commercials, movie-tv-radio related, movies, radio, Schoolhouse rock, and television. The TV shows you can see from the web site are: A-Team, Addams Family, Adventures of Lois and Clark, Andy Griffith show, Batman, David Letterman, Dinosaurs, Friends, Green Acres, Hogans Heroes, Home Improvement, Just Shoot Me, Kids in the Hall, etc.

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More – Publish Your Book

  • July 11, 2008

DogEarPublishing.netThey say that during your life you should have a child, plant a tree, and write a book. Well, in case you’ve done already the first two, it is about time you do the last, and finally write down some lines.

At you will find the help you need for publishing a book. Whether you have written a comedy, a travel guide, or a romance book, they can help you publishing it. On the web site there is a link for helping you getting started where you will have to follow some steps before the book gets known. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links on top, such as: pricing, resources, titles, newsletter, etc. Within the titles section you will see different book’s genres, like autobiography and biography, fiction, business, investing, and finance, self-help, health, and wellness, inspirational, children’s, poetry, cookbooks, technical products and textbooks, special interest, etc.

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More – For Performing Arts Lovers

  • July 6, 2008 is the website of Capa, a management organization of artistic facilities that serves Columbus, Ohio and New Haven, Connecticut.

Capa presents and produces artistic programming of the highest quality to serve and educate diverse audiences and feature renowned artists of all cultures. Over the past three decades, Capa has been organizing excellent venues regarding performing arts and entertainment. Capa programming includes jazz, world music, folk, country, classical music, comedy, dance, classic films, theater, and family entertainment. CAPA has received The Columbus Foundation Award as the City’s outstanding philanthropic institution (1999), the Governor’s Award for the Arts in Ohio (1995), the Greater Columbus Arts Council Award of Excellence (1994 and 1999), and the Columbus Landmarks Foundation Organization of the Year Award (2000). At, you can check the News and Specials as well get info regarding the upcoming events. You can also buy your tickets online. If you are a lover of the performing arts, you will love the Advance Buyers’ Club Member Benefits; you can save money and support Capa at the same time.
artistic facilities, performing arts, entertainment, jazz, classical music, comedy, dance

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More – A Blog About TV’s Best And Worst

  • July 5, 2008

TVaddict.comA research conducted by Berkeley UC a couple of years ago revealed that Americans spend an average of 170 minutes daily watching TV or movies, and that’s certainly more that most people spend talking to their loved ones or doing basically any other activity, which in turn allows to infer that TV is a big part of anybody’s life, so it only seems fair that one should want to be updated and informed on what’s going on in the screen and behind it. If you can relate to this concept, you’ll probably enjoy this blog about the most popular TV series, where you can read about what’s going to happen in the future episodes, how the audience ratings did on last night’s show, and some spoilers as well.

So, go on and subscribe to this site feeds using the wide variety of channels it provides, supported in the most heteroclite selection of subscription platforms ever. If you still want to go on reading, the blogroll which you will be able to find under the ‘Links’ tag will come in very handy, plus user submissions to be added to the list are welcome, so you might as well submit your blog if you want to. But reading and watching embedded videos is not all you can do here: as we all know, the broadcasting companies have a hideous tendency to cancel well loved shows which are not an immediate success, and if the apple of your eye has suffered such unkind treatment, you can sign petitions or get banners for your site to show your support, plus carries a store where you can get merchandise and some really nice T-shirts you’d probably wouldn’t be able to find somewhere else.

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More – Movie Reviews Online

  • July 2, 2008

Movie-Gazette.comThis site offers you a wide variety of movie reviews. To search for the movie that you want information about you can look in the different categories such as Action Movies, Asia, British and Crime Movies, Adventure, Comedies and many more.

If not, you can take a look at the directory where you can find reviews from A-Z, look in the homepage of this site for the featured ones or use the search engine bar as well. The reviews presented in this site show a photo of the cover of the DVD, information about the director, the actors and actresses starring, running time, type of movie and the description underneath it. If you would like to leave a comment about the review that you read you can do so by scrolling down in the page where the evaluation is presented. The New Reviews section offers information on the latest movies released, therefore, the latest that were added to this site.

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More – Intelligence, The Monologue Database

  • July 2, 2008 is the website of These Aren’t My Shoes Productions, an independent drama publisher company that started in 2003 as an independent theatre production company.

These Aren’t My Shoes Productions mission was to do thought-provoking, socially conscious theatre. Following that line of work, was created. is a site absolutely original, no question about it. This cool site is an online source for monologues. It is simple, intelligent, direct, classy, useful and enjoyable. You will find a selection of monologues organized alphabetically that you can check by author, by character name or play. The site gives you a summary and excerpt for each monologue; therefore, browsing it is a breeze. Depending on the occasion, your mood or whichever other reason you may have, perhaps you will prefer to seek monologues within a specific category, like Female/Comedic, Female/Dramatic, Male/Comedic, Male/Dramatic, Period Monologues or Adaptations/Prose Pieces. If you are related to theater, writing, acting, you may want your work published or produced by These Aren’t My Shoes Productions; they offer very interesting services.

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