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  • May 10, 2010

Comcha.orgComcha is a platform that plays out a very specific role: it lets people discuss any site that they come across and either bond with instantly because it is uber usable, or that becomes their laughing stock for the rest of the day owing to how amateurish it looks. In both cases, we all agree that there is something to communicate to others.

And Comcha makes it an effortless task.

Using the site necessitates you create an account beforehand, and upon doing so keeping track of the ensuing conversations is done very easily. Besides, it is possible to follow other users directly, so that if you find someone whose argumentative skills seem to be on par with those of Siskel and Ebert you can be abreast of his every word.

The site is rounded by a plug-in that enables anybody to chat with others visiting the very same site that he is in. For the time being, this plug-in is only available for user of Mozilla Firefox – other browsers are going to be taken care of soon.

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