More – What Colours Tell About You

  • December 5, 2010

ColourDNA.comColour DNA is a new project propounding that our favourite colours actually tell a lot about who we are. Every person who signs up for this site has to specify what his favourite colour is. Using that as the starting point, Colour DNA will proceed to reel a list of these things that the person really likes. And everything is taken from there. The person will start specifying exactly what he likes, and his DNA will also be built according to what other people who are in his same wavelength happen to like.

The site, then is a true community in which people become bound by these things that they love, and discover new things that they are sure to like by merely specifying the ones that they are already fond of.

And Colour DNA also makes it easy for people to invite all his friends and family, and have them become part of the whole discovery process. Who knows, maybe that lifelong friend has even more things in common with you that you ever imagined. Colour DNA will tell you.

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